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  1. Darkstar2007

    Legacy TV Out Cable Not Working with New 4th Gen iPad

    Check eBay, or Craigslist. ^^This^^
  2. Darkstar2007

    Couldn't have said it better myself. The high cost of digital babysitters.

    Lmao. Thanks for the post. I don't have children to worry about, but it's nice to remind folks that the restrictions and settings are in place. You just have to make an effort to learn about them and enable them! :)
  3. Darkstar2007

    What do you remember about your first TV, and do you still have it?

    My first TV was my Mothers 13" White sears Television. Here's a picture of what it looks like. Tough little TV. I returned it to my mother and it still works to this day. :)
  4. Darkstar2007

    Should I get the iPad 4?

    It'll be 2 to 3 years before Apple stops supporting the 4th gen iPad. So, if you want one right now, go for it. If you can wait, then grab the iPad 5th Gen. It really just depends on how badly you want one tbh. :)
  5. Darkstar2007

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    I like your new avatar! Fierce looking feline! :)
  6. Darkstar2007

    ios7 (compatability)

    The iPhone 4 will be supported. Here's a link with all of the features and supported devices listed. Welcome to the forum btw!
  7. Darkstar2007

    10-foot charge cables

    That's the case with the OEM cable gauge, but an extended cable with a thicker gauge seems to give my devices a speedy charge. Then again, it could all be in my head. ;) Lol.
  8. Darkstar2007

    10-foot charge cables

    I purchased this 6' extension cable for the iPhone/iPad: The cable is pretty thick, so it charges as quick as the OEM charge cable alone IMHO.
  9. Darkstar2007

    ios 7

    Thank you kind sir. :)
  10. Darkstar2007

    ios 7

    I'm in the process of releasing my first two apps... I'm not gonna advertise here though. Anywho, we're getting off topic!
  11. Darkstar2007

    ios 7

    I've never developed a theme. Never cared to try tbh. I just develop apps for the AppStore in my free time...
  12. Darkstar2007

    ios 7

    Nope. You can't jailbreak 6.1.3 on any of the current iPads. There probably won't be another jailbreak until iOS 7..
  13. Darkstar2007

    ios 7

    You're welcome. Glad I could help. :)
  14. Darkstar2007

    ios 7

    No, iOS 7 is in beta right now. If you're wanting a compatibility list, you can find it here: It's at the bottom of the page.
  15. Darkstar2007

    Slooth launches iPad app that lets you take photos of the universe

    Reminds me of an app called Star Walk. :)
  16. Darkstar2007

    ios 7

    You can't update to iOS 7 ATM. It's not due to release until sometime this Fall.
  17. Darkstar2007

    I have a doubt for buying iPad 4

    I prefer black, but that's really just my opinion. It might be beneficial to play with both colors in an Apple store, or other electronic retailer, and see which you like the most. :)
  18. Darkstar2007


    In terms of ultimate protection, the Survivor.
  19. Darkstar2007

    Anyone else HUGELY disgusted by the flat look?

    Yep. It'll keep getting increasingly better as the betas roll out. :)
  20. Darkstar2007

    Anyone else HUGELY disgusted by the flat look?

    I welcome the new look, features, and functionality Apple has implemented. Well needed and about time IMO. I actually like the new icons. I usually jailbroke my iPhone and iPad, just so I could change the theme to something "flat" like this. I can honestly say, with the call blocking...
  21. Darkstar2007

    iOS 7 how to download?

    Once you've paid the $99 dollars to be a dev, this is what you do.. Make sure you register your device's UDID in the Developer Center before you install the iOS 7 beta. Download the proper version of the beta for the iPhone you have. You should also go ahead and download the latest version of...
  22. Darkstar2007

    Laugh Of The Day

    The Nokia super lumia 48302893092 has 302 cameras? What was apple thinking!! ;) Lmao.
  23. Darkstar2007

    Apple cuts prices on refurbished iPad mini, iPad 4

    Thanks for the heads up. :) These are some pretty good prices!
  24. Darkstar2007

    DVD Catalyst Newsletter 105 – 05-24-13 - XBOX One nVidia Shield

    On note of the Xbox One and used games... Microsoft has announced that you can sell used games to retailers like GameStop. Microsoft will create a database for these places. Once you sell your game, it becomes inactive on your profile. Once you buy a used game, it'll be sold to you at a...
  25. Darkstar2007

    Laugh Of The Day

  26. Darkstar2007

    Laugh Of The Day

  27. Darkstar2007

    Laugh Of The Day

  28. Darkstar2007

    Laugh Of The Day

    OMG! My 66 year old dads computer was exactly like this. I have no idea how the hell he even surfed the web, but I'm proud of the fact he figured it out! :O
  29. Darkstar2007

    Laugh Of The Day

  30. Darkstar2007

    Announcing the Xbox One Forum at!

    Just reminding everyone about this forum! It's up, and running! It's started off strong and everyone's invited to come join in on the discussion. :D
  31. Darkstar2007

    New member

    *Moved to New Member Introductions*
  32. Darkstar2007

    Am I the only one who thinks siri sucks?

    Siri has a hard time understanding my thick southern accent... Google Now seems to work flawlessly for me though! :)
  33. Darkstar2007

    Dead Safari

    If Kevin's suggestion doesn't work, you can always try a hard reset on your devices.
  34. Darkstar2007

    Favourite TV show

    As juvenile as this may sound... Family guy has to be my favorite... I also like other adult animated shows like the Simpsons, Futurama, South Park, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. What's my age again? :O
  35. Darkstar2007

    128Gb iPad 4

    I would prefer the MBA personally, but, I'm sure there's a market for 128GB iPads. ;) I'd like to see the numbers on how many have purchased it. ;)
  36. Darkstar2007

    iPad Mini Won't Show Battery Usage

    Your usage and standby stats will reappear once you fully charge your device. Every time you turn your iDevices off, the usage and standby disappears since the stats will be inconclusive (due to the device being cut off). That's why it says "Usage times will be displayed after iPad is fully...
  37. Darkstar2007

    iPad Helps Prevent “Single Biggest Source of Pilot Injuriesâ€

    The article referred to the injuries. Which weren't paper cuts... It was due to the pilots toting around a 40 pound flight plan bag. I'm also positive the iPad is locked down to specific apps.. The plane itself is controlled by electronics as well. So, should we remove every piece of technology...
  38. Darkstar2007

    I feel proud being a member of this great forum

    Welcome to our community! Glad you decided to join us. :)
  39. Darkstar2007

    Pesky Insects

    I've also forgot to mention that keeping sugary foods in an air tight, plastic container. Bags of sugar, or opened cereal boxes were always a huge culprit when ants were invading people's homes. Also, ants can be attracted to sweet smelling bath soaps or shampoos. Plus, the water in a bathroom...
  40. Darkstar2007

    Pesky Insects

    I've worked for a pest control company in the past and the best information I can give you is to make sure you don't have any branches or foliage touching your house, and make sure there's no standing water around a 10 foot perimeter of your home. If you've covered every hole you can imagine...