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    It's official - I'm getting an iPad for Christmas

    I can still wait of mine until New Year.
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    What are your top 10 favorite

    Well, I name only as i can. Pandora Shazam Ibooks Netflix splashtop Zombie smash Flipboard CNN
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    Show Your Art!

    How did you do that, its very nice. I have no talent on it i wish i could make it.
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    If ever if i have one maybe i will use it for internet tool and for other entertaining values.
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    12 Fantastic iPad Photo Apps

    I really appreciate for a very helpful thread. Thanks a lot...
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    Best Buy Giving Away free MiFis with iPads

    Its sounds a pretty cool idea.
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    iPad Was Google’s Second Most Searched for Term in 2010

    Ipad is so fantastic and most demanding especially for the new generation. Nice videos and good tunes are almost there for users.
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    Text Message From An iPad For FREE With TextNow

    Thanks for the info. it's great, i'll try it.
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    Gorillaz Give Away iPad-Recorded Album Free Online

    Thank you for sharing this free apps, i love it for my iPad.
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    Welcome to - Your Apple iPad Forum & Community

    Very interesting forum, im so impressed. Thanks a lot.
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    How many iPads do you have?

    We have three in our family but only my elder brother and my younger brother too and his wife, but i dont know what the model is...
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    ZombieSmash! HD Reduced to $0.99

    Nice game and i like it a lot.
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    Kinect-Style Technology for iPad to be Shown at CES

    I am also new in this technologies and stuff that is why i have no idea on how to use it.
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    Happy Holidays from

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all fellow forum members. I wish I get an ipad someday...
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    Welcome to - Your Apple iPad Forum & Community

    Its such a very nice forum and impressive as well.Good news to hear about iphones.