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    WordZone game

    Hope it does well I hope this app does well. I hate Words with Friends. They have spoilt there app by bloating it with addons with every upgrade - all designed to get more money. They've got too greedy. Getting very low ratings as a result.
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    Retro? Car racing?
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    Anyone got this joystick that adheres to the iPad screen. What games work best with it?
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    Ios 4.2 Release today...!!!

    Downloading 4.2 here in the UK - 18.25 GMT - but showng 4 hours to complete on 20meg boadband!!!
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    Ios 4.2 Release today...!!!

    Nothing arrived in the UK yet - 16.17 hours Monday.
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    How to uninstall link to my facebook?

    I regularly update news from the iPad forum through my RSS feed so do not need subscription link of forum to my facebook wall. How do I uninstall the link?
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    Hello from UK

    Age How about 66 years from Lancashire. Currentently browsing my iPad in 30+ degrees in sunny Lanzarote!!
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    Travel experiment with the iPad

    Photos Would be good if you could post some photos including one of your iPad carrier!!!
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    From Chester in the UK

    I'm just a bit older than you and a bit further north in Lancashire. Also a bit of a gadget man and the iPad is my first Apple and I'm converted. I can't be separated from my iPad!!!
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    Newbie from UK

    Joining you with my new iPad from NW England.
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    UK iTunes now with iPad and iBooks

    Not for me, it's not. Just checked desktop and have latest download version and no access to books. Expecting iPad to arrive tomorrow or Friday - maybe on board iTunes will. Hope so!!!!
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Also expecting mine on 28th May (to UK NW) but would be great if it came tomorrow (26th) as I am away over the weekend in North Wales!!!!