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  1. wot_fan

    Skooba Netbook/iPad Messenger Bag Review

    Manufacturer's Website Price $49.95 I recently purchased Skooba's iPad Messenger bag and thought I would share my opinion of it. I wanted a bag to carry and protect my iPad naked or cased with accessories. The iPad Messenger fills that role nicely. The front and main compartment of the...
  2. wot_fan

    How to include pictures in a post (using imageshack)

    I noticed that some members don't know how to include pictures in their posts so decided to write a small tutorial. The first thing you need to do is to upload your picture to imageshack. Follow this link to the imageshack upload page. Click the Browse button and find the picture you...
  3. wot_fan

    Just stubbled upon a little safari trick

    I just discovered a nice little trick in safari. If you press on the page title (right above the URL entry field), you will quickly scroll to the top of the page. It is going to come in handy when reading long threads ;).
  4. wot_fan

    Want a custom paint job for your iPad?

    If you have some extra $ lying around and you want to make your iPad more unique, ColorWare may be the answer. They will give your iPad a custom paint job. A little too pricey for me, but still cool. Design your custom paint job here. ColorWare Video
  5. wot_fan

    Just finished reading my first book...

    I just finished reading my first book on the iPad and I am happy to report eye strain is not an issue (at least for me). I didn't think it would be a problem considering how much time I spend staring at an LCD screens. I wonder how many people it will actually be a problem for. Overall the...
  6. wot_fan

    Cool but expensive stand

    I just ran across an article on TUAW about a cool iPad stand. See pics below. It is very pricey ($129) but TUAW has 100 promotion codes ("TUAWJ1") that will give you $30 off. More info can be found here.
  7. wot_fan

    Hitchhiker's Guide Wallpaper

    I have heard the iPad compared to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe a number of times so I went looking for an appropriate wallpaper. Here is an iPad friendly version of the one I found. It works well on the lock screen. BTW, there are more wallpapers in our wallpaper section. Check...
  8. wot_fan

    How can I hold the dock down?

    One of the docks I ordered arrived today. I like it a lot. It is easy to set the iPad in to it and it holds the unit at a nice angle. I do have one issue with the dock though. Every time I want to remove my iPad from it, I have to use one hand to hold it down or the iPad won't separate...
  9. wot_fan

    iPad User Guide (PDF & ePub)

    Here is a link to the user guide: Here is a link to the iBooks (ePub) version of the guide: iTunes - Books - iPad User Guide for iOS 5 by Apple Inc. More iPad User Guides: Apple - Support - Manuals
  10. wot_fan

    My Home Automation iPad work in progress

    I thought I would share how I am using my iPad to control some of my lights and other electronics. I am really happy with how it is working out. I am controlling my appliances with insteon modules on the hardware side and Indigo 4 on the software side of things. One of Indigo's features is...
  11. wot_fan

    Apple adds Apps for iPad section to site

    Apple has added some app demo videos to their site. Check them out here: Apple - iPad - Apps for iPad
  12. wot_fan

    Own 1Password Pro for iPhone, Don't buy 1Password for iPad

    The info below is taken from the developer's blog.
  13. wot_fan

    Warning...Not for the feint of heart

    The following link will take you to a pdf with pics of a dissected iPad. FCC Filing Pics
  14. wot_fan

    Plants vs Zombies for iPad

    Apple has started adding iPad titles to the iTunes Store. I was glad to see that PvZ is already there. From the description, it looks like it has more features than the iPhone version. iTunes Store - PopCap Games, Inc. - Plants vs. Zombies HD
  15. wot_fan

    I tried to get directions to Shenzhen, CN from Google Maps

    I wanted to see where my iPad is in relation to me so I put Chicago and Shenzhen CN into Google Maps and asked for driving directions (driving directions made more sense than the other options). I didn't expect it to work for obvious reasons. It did. So I started skimming the directions until...
  16. wot_fan

    ABC shows some sneak peaks at a few iPad apps

    Here is a clip from ABC News that shows some glimpses of a few iPad apps.
  17. wot_fan

    We get at least one major OS upgrade for free

    It looks like Apple will give iPad owners the next major software upgrade that comes out after you purchase. So those of us that are buying right away will not have to pay to upgrade to 4.0 but we may have to pay for 5.0. Source
  18. wot_fan

    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    Here is a link: Apple - iPad - Guided Tours
  19. wot_fan

    Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    When I pre-ordered my iPad I also ordered some accessories including a bluetooth keyboard. I bought it with an extra dock instead of the keyboard dock. I think it will be more convenient to use this way. It arrived last week. I was surprised at how compact it is. It is going to make a...
  20. wot_fan

    Wireless Flash Drive

    I just ran across this accessory and thought it has a lot of potential. Here is a vid It's a wireless flash drive/access point. I hope more products like this come out. What do you think? Would you be interested in something like this? More info.
  21. wot_fan

    Apple's iPad Battery Replacement Policy

    I just ran across this article. Apple will replace the iPad instead of the battery when the battery fails.
  22. wot_fan

    Article: "Overwhelming" Demand Limiting in Store Pickup

    According to the article below, those that sign up for in store pick up now may not be guaranteed an iPad opening day. Hope you all have made arrangements already ;). "Overwhelming" demand limiting iPad in-store pickup
  23. wot_fan

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    Zagg is taking pre-orders for iPad Invisibleshields here: ZAGG iPad invisibleSHIELD They're charging $35 for full body coverage. That's not too bad considering the iPhone 3Gs full body version goes for $25. I'm not sure if I am going to install the screen protector portion or not. My...
  24. wot_fan

    Some Wallpapers

    I had some time to kill last night so I looked for images that would make good iPad wallpapers. Below are some of the pics I found. Please note that I did not create these images (except the moon picture), I just modified them to be more iPad friendly. By null at 2010-03-04 By null...