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  1. applecore

    ZooGue Case Review

    The case I received came very promptly, in nice packaging. The case itself smells of quality leather. The ipad easily slides in and out and the port openings, as mentioned above, align perfectly. Perhaps no one else has had this issue, but my case at the bottom, which surrounds the home...
  2. applecore

    Which iPad model you have?

    ryco...I have used DocPrinter app before and it is quite good--cumbersome, but good.
  3. applecore

    Ipad noob'll have a great time here. Welcome.
  4. applecore

    Hello All, I'm a newbie to be.

    I am in the same said it would be here by the 14th but it is somewhere in transit from Lantau Island to the USA. I have learned a great deal here and hope you have as much fun. Welcome!
  5. applecore

    Hello friends

    I am originally from Canada as well. Are you in B.C. near Cameroon? (Just guessing based on your name) I am from Ontario. Welcome.
  6. applecore

    Hello Friends

    Welcome to you...I'm new too!
  7. applecore

    Montana Newcomer

    "I don't have perfect vision and viewing things close up with my glasses is uncomfortable. A six or seven inch screen would probably be much better for me. I could hold the device a little farther away and be comfortable." I hear you here...I love the ipod touch but reading subtitles...(which I...
  8. applecore

    Hello, I am new tothis forum

    Spectacular products to learn from Apple! Welcome.
  9. applecore

    Hi i'm johnny from england

    Good to have you here!
  10. applecore

    Hello From Turkey

    I agree. I am a newbie as well and everyone seems helpful, in the know, and friendly. Welcome to you!
  11. applecore

    Introducing Myself - Hello

    Dave, You may have seen it...but Matth3w does a comprehensive review of the ZooGue case. I ordered mine yesterday! Welcome.
  12. applecore

    Hello there!

    Hello to you as well...:)
  13. applecore

    ZooGue Case Review

    How is the case working for you now that you have used it a bit? I have an Apple case on order and am thinking of cancelling based on this and other reviews. Any feedback would help with the decision. Also, great photos on your review:)
  14. applecore

    applecore in az

    New to Apple... New to forums... I don't get my 64GB wifi ipad for a few days but thought learning some tips in advance wouldn't hurt! I started with an ipod touch in May, then an imac, then a time capsule, and now the big boy....ipad. I'm really excited to check it out....geesh, is it only...