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    Lockinfo: always Show some sppointments even when scolling Down?

    Hi. Currently I am using Lockinfo for a List of appointments on the First Page of my homescreen. For now there is only the calendar. Is it possible to List a few appointments which stay on the Screen when scrolling Down? For example some some Lecture exams followed by the regular...
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    better multitasking in 5.1.1 - true?

    Hi. Some guy at said there is better multitasking in 5.1.1 compared to 5.0.1: [Moderator edit: ]Removed link to external iPad-related forum. Please read our rules. Thanks. Can anybody tell me if that is true? I didn't find anything in the changelog.
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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    If you have a jailbreak you may want to check swipeselection
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    liitle help in 7he code: Level 17

    Hi. Is anybody playing 7he code? App Store - 7HE CODE I need help finding the code in level 17, Parcours. Unfortunately, it is the only one I couldnt find :(
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    Office app with GDocs realtime editing

    Hi. Does anybody know an Office App for ipad 1 which is able to use the Google Docs Real Time Editing feature? Thanks in Advance
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    Looking for App: showing appointments on notifications or elsewhere better

    Answer: Lockinfo shows this on the lockscreen but is capable of adding a new page to the home screen where appointments can be listed on a whole page.
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    Looking for App: showing appointments on notifications or elsewhere better

    Hi. Regarding ipad 1 and appointments. 1) I am using the standard calendar app and Google Calendars. How can I set how many of the next appointments are shown in the notifications? Is this possible independently of how far the appointments are in the future? 2) I know, iOS is not...
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    changing un/lock sounds on ipad 1 - where to find them?

    Ok, that would be an option. So you say Winterboard does not use Ram but only the themes?
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    changing un/lock sounds on ipad 1 - where to find them?

    Thanks for the answers :) Are there any websites specially for lock sounds? I don't want to use winterboard, because it uses RAM which is already low on ipad 1.
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    looking for app: pictures of sunken ships

    Thanks a lot :)
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    changing un/lock sounds on ipad 1 - where to find them?

    Hi. Is there a cydia app for changin unlock and lock sounds on ipad 1? Where can I find un/lock sounds? Is there a homepage collecting these? All I found were some sounds for winterboard - which I don't want to install.
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    looking for app: pictures of sunken ships

    nobody? :(
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    business bag for ipad 1 including original external keyboard?

    Hi. I am looking for a business bag for my ipad 1 including the original Apple external keyboard. Is there something like this but including the keyboard?:
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    external iPad keyboard dock: where is the Backslash?

    How can I do a Backslash on the external ipad keyboard dock?
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    damaged Keyboard Dock: repairable?

    I managed to repair the keyboard :) I have a leather cover from ifrogz. Is there a way to use the keyboard without taking ipad out of the cover?
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    looking for app: pictures of sunken ships

    Hi. Somebody showed me an app a long time ago. In the app places and pictures of sunken ships were shown. unfortunately I don't find anything about this app. Does somebody know this app?
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    note app for ipad 1

    Hi. I am looking for an excellent note app for my ipad 1. The app should work flawlessly specially on the ipad 1. I don't need much: no lags fast switching between keyboard writing and drawing. Storing the note somewhere, perhaps Google Docs.
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    damaged Keyboard Dock: repairable?

    Hi. I have an offer for a damaged keyboard dock: Somebody damaged this with a pliers. Do you think this is repairable?
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    send all mails via 1 account regardless where replied?

    Hi. Regarding the official Mail app on the ipad: I have 2 Mail Boxes, University and gmail. Standard Mail Box set to gmail. When I reply to a mail coming from university the mail is sent via university mail account. How can I change it so all mails are sent via gmail account? Regardless from...
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    maybe dumb question: "safe" app for facebook on ipad?

    Hi. Facebook is collecting data. (SHOCK) Is there a "safe" (I know, this is ridiculous) app for Facebook? (ridiculous, dont bother me) On my PC I am using sharemenot and betterprivacy to get rid of LSO cookies. Is there such an app for the ipad for leaving as few traces as possible?
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    Ambiance: Download all free sounds with one tap?

    Regarding the App Ambiance: App Store - Ambiance Is it possible to download all free sounds at once?
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    ibooks 2.1 any problems with jailbroken 5.0.1?

    As far as I remember, there were problems with ibooks and the jailbreak for 5.x. So there was a fix in cydia for that. Then something was changed and ibooks was working properly. Now ibooks 2.1 is there. Is it save to update or is ibooks 2.1 producing problems on jailbroken 5.0.1 ipad 1...
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    TUTORIAL - Failsafe method to restore the current version of IOS

    Just to clear up: This tutorial is working without having Apple signing the firmware? So it is working for all versions where the shsh blobs have been stored for a particular device?
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    imemory enhancer: infos?

    I read something about enabling "virtual memory" (a swap partition) on the ipad. Called imemory enhancer in cydia. Unfortunately I don't find it there, nor infos if it is working with ios 5.0.1 Can anybody tell me if this is a good way to speed up the ipad?
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    ipad 1 5.0.1: activating multitouch "twice" - negative aspects?

    Answer to 1) 5.0.1 without JB: MT available 5.0.1 with JB without MT Checkbox in redsnow: MT not available 5.0.1 with JB with MT Checkbox in redsnow: MT available
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    Backgrounder ios5

    Is backgrounder changing any Files on an iPad? For example the daemons, apparently they are Textfiles. Is it possible These changes are Not reverted by uninstalling backgrounder? Is it wise to do a clean install of iOS to get an excellent working System?
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    "no Update" prohibiting reinstalling same iOs Version from iTunes too?

    Hi. Regarding the cydia app "No Update": Is no Update only blocking updates via General->Software Update or is it prohibiting a reset and reinstall (same version - not an update) from iTunes too?
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    ipad 1 5.0.1: activating multitouch "twice" - negative aspects?

    ipad 1 5.0.1: activating multitouch "twice" - negative aspects? and different questio Hi. 1) In iOs 5.0.1 ipad 1 Apple activated Multitouch gestures officially. When jailbreaking the device with redsnow there is also a function for activating MT. Is there any difference between the official...