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  1. brobar

    Multiple bluetooth headphones at the same time?

    I can use my own bluetooth headphones just fine on the iPad. But I wanted to know if it would be possible to pair and use two sets of bluetooth headphones at the same time? I've got the P90X videos on the iPad but the Mrs. and I both want to workout to them down in the gym at the same time...
  2. brobar

    Ability to foward PDF from iBooks in an email

    I know how to get PDFs into iBooks (via downloading from email or through iTunes sync) but if I have a document (let's say a rendered drawing) that is a PDF I synced to iBooks on my iPad and I need to email that PDF to my boss. Is there any way from within iBooks that I can forward a PDF...
  3. brobar

    My decal for the back...

    I still need to get some transfer paper to help with aligning it correctly on the back of the iPad. Here is a design I did that I'm gonna cut out in removable vinyl on my wife's Cricut machine here in the next week or so.
  4. brobar

    SLR bag that also holds the ipad

    For those photographers like myself who were wondering what a nice bag for their gear AND iPad would be... I think I already have it. It is the 7million dollar home by crumpler. It fits very nicely in that flat outside pocket. I wouldn't put it in there bare... but in a hardshell case or...
  5. brobar

    Help me keep an eye out for bookshopper

    I'm hoping somebody does a bookshopper website like they have the appshopper website. It would be convenient to keep track of books and book prices from iBooks. For example: under the dome was just 9.99 the other day on Kindle and on the screenshots of the iBooks store... now it is 16.99. A...
  6. brobar

    UPS guy said something interesting...

    ... oh yea... btw... IT IS HERE!!! Anyways... the UPS guy was telling me "glad you are here! If you weren't we would have to reattempt delivery 2 more times!" So I asked him... "2 more times next week?" and he said "no, 2 more times today... we have to make up to 3 delivery attempts today...
  7. brobar

    Special (iPad edition) of macbreak weekly

    LINK All you Andy Ihnatko haters beware!!!
  8. brobar

    Andy Ihnatko's unboxing video

  9. brobar

    iTunes 9.1 is now up!

    iTunes 9.1 is now up (just downloaded it). Wanted to make sure I got in and downloaded it now instead of waiting 'till Saturday when hundreds of thousands of other people might be trying to download it at the same time. Quick... get it: LINK
  10. brobar

    UPS confirms mine WILL NOT be delivered by Sat even though UPS does Sat delivery here

    =( They say there is Saturday delivery for my area... but because of the incoming "port" and due to customs that Tuesday April 6th is the scheduled delivery date! I'm disappointed to say the least... I was really excited to get my hands on it on launch day! I'll just have to live vicariously...
  11. brobar

    Good news & bad news... my iPad has shipped

    Well I got a shipping notice for my iPad (which is good). The bad part? It is being shipped UPS and I'm 99.9% sure UPS doesn't do Saturday delivery in my area (I didn't think they do Saturday delivery at all). It isn't showing up in their system yet but the email Apple sent says "delivers...
  12. brobar

    First iPad "HD" games already in iTunes preview...

    LINK Ammoin HD Azkend HD Flight Control HD Grind HD HD Recovery Labyrinth 2 HD NBA Hotshot HD NBA Spin Numba HD Plants vs. Zombies HD Sinterra HD Sparkle HD Worms HD Zen Bound 2 I already have Plants vs Zombies on the iPhone and I love that game... but having to buy it all over again just for...
  13. brobar

    Volume control on bluetooth headphones (hardware or software)?

    Just received my Motorokr bluetooth headphones today for my iPad. Paired 'em with my iPhone and they feel great and sound pretty good. One thing I noticed (and this may just be something we have to live with) but I wasn't so keen on the fact that I could not control volume from the iPhone...
  14. brobar

    What will digital magazine subscription costs be?

    While there is already mention of Esquire doing a downloadable format for $2.99 an issue ($2 off newstand price) and that is advertisement free, there is also talks of Men's Health being $4.99 for its iPad format which is right at newsstand price. I really like the idea of digital subscriptions...
  15. brobar

    iBooks app, Kindle app or Nook app, which will you use?

    One of the many reasons I am getting an iPad is for an e-reader. I was planning on using the iBooks app because of the slick interface but now I'm wondering if I might stick to the Kindle app instead. The Mrs. has a Kindle and loves it... but I was just thinking about how she is able to sync...