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    OnLive Desktop - Does it run on iPAD 1 with ios 5 ??

    Type 'onlive ipad' into google and the link to the app in the app store is shown.
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    Looking for a note taking app with voice record.

    AudioNote is note taking app that also handles voice recording, and it can synchronize the notes with the audio. There is a version for the IPAD and Mac. Hope this helps.
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    Splashtop remote problems

    Yeah, As above, i found that i had automatically updated the version on my Ipad, but not updated the one on my PC. Once both were updated, my problems stopped.
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    Is a Windows 7 PC an appropriate envrionment to develop Ipad Apps?

    You really need to use the apple developer tools such as Xcode to help you develop your apps. However Xcode will only run on Apple pc's / laptaps. i.e. under OSX. I sometimes develop on my windows 7 PC, using VMWare player to host an Apple OSX Lion operating system , but it is quite a bit...
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    Evernote versus notability

    I went for Evernote, as I have an Ipad2, Android phone, A PC at home and at work, and a Mac at home. Evernote runs on ALL of my devices, and has decent functionality too.
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    Ipad through PC monitor

    Using the Apple dock connector to VGA adapter you can view whats on your IPad on a pc monitor. (They cost about £26 at Amazon).
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    Watching sky tv on ipad

    you need to download the Sky Go app from the app store - Its free. Then when you start it, you will need to enter your Sky user id and password, (the same one you use on your PC). Provided you subscribe to Sky sports , and / or Sky Movies, you will then be able to view those channels on your...
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    SkyGo streaming problems

    I had similar issues after upgrading to ios 5. I found deleting the app and re-installing it fixed the problem for me.
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    Need Help

    Google "copy songs from ipad to pc". There are several sites that you can download free software with step by step instructions showing how to copy the songs from your Ipad to your Pc hard disk, and even directly into Itunes.
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    Take a look at Chapter 5 in the attached Ipad user guide for IOS5. It explains how to Organise you mail and what settings to use for Trash, Sent items etc.
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    3rd party controls?

    To a certain extent yes ie. Xcode ide and SDKs for creating native apps, objective-C etc. However you can still use other tools, i.e. Adobe Air or Html5/CSS / javascript to create Web Apps.
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    Wifi sync or icloud back up

    One thing that Apple points out is: If you’re using iCloud to store your contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and notes, don’t also sync them to iPad using iTunes. You may get duplicates etc if you do. Also note that (unless you purchase more) you only get 5Gb space on ICloud, although that limit...
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    Hallo All, I am a new member from West Wales, United Kingdom

    If you want to Store and view drafts, sent messages, and deleted messages on iPad then Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, choose an account, then tap Advanced. Choose a location for Draft Mailbox, Sent Mailbox, or Deleted Mailbox.
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    Good email app

    Have you checked the IOS 5 Mail app? it has decent search capabilities . See Chapter 5 in the free Ipad user guide for IOS 5 for details on how and what can be searched in the mail app.
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    DVD ripping then converting to iPad ?

    Hi , google "DVD to IPAD free", it returns several apps you can try. I use DVDFab, it is quick , good quality and converts to IPAD format all effortlessly.
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    Air print

    Hi, Your Ipad should detect your airprint printer automatically if it is on the same network. Go to the following Apple support Link for full explanation and 'How To' iOS: AirPrint 101
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    Wifi ipad and texts

    You can send Imessages to other I-device users provided they have upgraded to IOS 5 also. I have an Android phone, and use an app on it Called Lazy Droid which sets the phone up as a mini web Server, and presents the Lazy Droid desktop on my wi-fi only Ipad. This enables me to receive and send...
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    Ipad2 and Interactive PDF (created with InDesign CS5.5)

    Adobe has just released Its free IOS Adobe reader in app store. You might want to see if it works in that.
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    Text formatting not available in ios5

    The only thing I have been able to do is Underline, Bold or Italicise text, I haven't found any other formating capabilities yet. Anyone else?
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    Ipod app disappears after upgrading my ipad2 to IOS5

    Yep its been replaced by the MUSIC app. take a look at Chapter 18 in the IOS 5 for Ipad manual for details on how to use it. Link below.
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    Hey...just looking for some help

    You need to have both devices using IOS 5, then on both devices Go to Settings > iCloud, then turn on Contacts. This should sync your contacts between both devices and Icloud. To edit contacts on your Ipad check out page 72 in the IOS5 for IPAD manual which can be found using Tim's link above.
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    iMessage Questions

    Yes you Can! I use it all the time now on my wifi only Ipad2. Good for sending pictures and video clips too :)
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    Airplay button issue and jailbreaking issue

    Also , you need to have upgraded the Appletv software too to enable Airplay mirroring.
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    I-Message two Ipad2's Iphone 4 same ID PLEASE Someone help....

    If you have separate email addresses then it can done quite easily, see below. How to Make iMessage Work Better Across Multiple DevicesMy significant other and I share and iTunes account (don't tell!), so after I updated my iPad and her iPhone, she started receiving all my iMessages. Whoops...
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    iBooks does not open books after update to ios 5

    Did you update Ibooks? Apple released an updated version on 11th Oct that was supposed to fix / improve IOS 5 compatability.
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    Airplay mirroring, How to get it to use full screen on TV.

    Hi , does anyone now if you can make the Apple tv use the whole TV screen when mirroring Ipad?
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    Can't turn on iCloud on ipad2

    You have updated your IPAD2 to IOS 5 i presume?
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    Is your iPad battery better since iOS 5 upgrade?

    Hmm mine seems to worse, but that's probably because I am using it more since IOS 5 upgrade. :) I'll have to do a proper test.
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    Help with iOS 5.

    Yep, i believe this only works on the iphones, not on the IPad
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    Sharing image gallery with remote iPads

    Have you tried uploading the pictures to Facebook. The new free Facebook app out today has a good gallery viewer.
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    Can't authorize computer in iTunes

    Hi there, I had this problem, and searching google so have many others. changing my internet Explorer settings worked for me (see below), even though I use Chrome :). (even though diagnoses said i was not using a proxy). Open internet explorer. Must be internet explorer not firefox not mozilla...
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    Album on Ipad2

    Or wait until next Wednesday for IOS 5. Then you will be able to create Albums directly on your Ipad, and move photos into them.
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    Filenet IDM Viewer

    Hi, You might want to check out SnappFiles to see if this will work for you. SnappFiles has been tested against the following software versions: Quickr 8.1 for J2EE and Domino Quickr 8.2 for Domino Quickr 8.5.1 with FIXPACK 2* or later for Domino Filenet® P8** IBM Content Manager (CM8)**...
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    Help Creating Books for My Son

    Hi, Take a look at Demibooks Composer. It is on the app store and best of all it is currently free :)
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    ipad HTML development spec?

    Ipad HTML Dev Spec Take a look at the Apple Safari developer site, It should provide all the info you need. Safari Dev Center - Apple Developer
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    New Member Introduction

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Yes you can set up your Ipad so that it can access / sync your Google mail and Calendars easily. For your customer database / events / contacts and much more I would suggest you take a look at the Filemaker app. Their website is Database Software | FileMaker...
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    Try IBUILDAPP.COM web site, Its free and will let you create and try out such an app, with out too much programming knowledge required. Alternatively you can look at APPCELERATOR or PHONEGAP mobile development tools, (again free versions are available), their sites have documentation and code...
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    WiFi or BlueTooth Tethering to Android without Rooting?

    I use my htc gingerbread phone (Desire HD) as a wifi hotspot for my IPAD when out and about. Just go to Settings>wireless and networks on your phone and turn on Portable wifi hotspot. Then click on Portable wifi hotspot settings to get/set password. On your ipad just go into settings app and...
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    hehe, yeah, i've even got em to think of fictional characters and it still guesses them. Its a fun, and surpisingly accurate app.
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    New Here--Haven't purchased ipad yet

    Like you , I debated if getting 3g was worth it. In the end i decided not to as I always carry my mobile phone around with me, (and i never use up my data allowance on it), so I use that as a wifi hot spot and tether my IPAD to it if I am out. Check to see if your carrier will allow you do...