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    IPad1 gestures killed in iOS5

    Had gestures running fine via the Xcode trick on my iPad1. Now iOS5 has introduced gestures onto the iPad2 but seems to have not only not done so for iPad1, it's disabled the Xcode derived ones too. Why? Gestures worked just fine before so why ban them now just for iPad1 users?
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    SMS on iPad?

    Its t-mobile and no I haven't contacted them as usually tech support is not that savvy on oddball questions like this IME.
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    SMS on iPad?

    No, its not jailbroken. Just a plain vanilla iPad.
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    SMS on iPad?

    Well there is something native on it because I have no SMS app and my iPad v1 3G which was bought SIM free and to which I then added the SIM is displaying blue pop up boxes looking just like an iPhone SMS alert with SMS messages from the provider. So clearly there is some SMS functionality in...
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    SMS on iPad?

    Is SMS messaging available natively on the iPad. I am getting SMS messages from my 3G service provider so there is obviously something there to handle them but there doesn't seem to be any function I can find to respond to them or to compose new ones. Have I missed something?
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    What is the best app for doing word or excel work???

    They can open some word documents but only basic ones. You can make and edit them but don't expect the formatting to work when they are exported unless again they are pretty basic. And don't expect to be able to view or create track changes or comments. If you want to do those fire up Word or...
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    Cursoring around on iPad

    I'd rather have some cursor keys on the keyboard but it seems Apple don't think we should be allowed them.
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    European iPad 3G SIM Card Launched by Cubic Telecom

    Rip off charges! t-mobile offer a 50MB Euro Internet Booster for £10 (€12/$16) instead of this offers €75!
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    Looking for app that can view redlined Word docs

    Pages is not compatible with Word except for the most basic documents. I've found it unusable for that on the iPad. And as for viewing redlined documents on the iPad, forget it. There is no app that does it AFAIK. The best you can do is get someone to send you a pdf of the redlined version...
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    Switch to mac?

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    Switch to mac?

    Nothing plugged in and the whole point of putting it to sleep is you should be able to leave programs running. But in a sense that's all irrelevant because whatever the cause, it's doing it which gives lie to the claim that everything always runs smoothly. And as I said, it's not the only...
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    Switch to mac?

    Don't count on it. I am four weeks into my new Mac Life with a MacBook Air 13 and already it's started to take 30s to go into sleep mode (it used to be instant) which I will have to work out how to troubleshoot, it occasionally doesn't recognise when a USB drive or external disc is plugged into...
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    Can you move files (ppt, word, excel epub) from your pc to the ipad 2?

    The best option for moving them is Dropbox. You simply copy or save them to the My Dropbox folder in My Documents and pick them up in the Dropbox app on you iPad. Several apps like GoodReader also integrate Dropbox so you can open any file stored in Dropbox in GoodReader. It's free for up to...
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    Switch to mac?

    Unfortunately iWorks and iPhoto are no match for Office and Photoshop I'm afraid both of which have become industry standards. I tried Pages etc but there were too many issues reading .docx documents and authoring them. Open Office does a better job for free but it's still not there if you are...
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    Horror story with iTunes sync - please help

    it means that having spent an hour or two downloading that 2Gb movie you can spend another few hours uploading it as well. But hey, why spend £60 on a 1Tb portable drive with high data transfer speeds when you can spend £60 a year to store 20Gb on Apple's iDisk with low data transfer speeds...
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    Horror story with iTunes sync - please help

    Those two together are one of Apple's biggest idiocies. And anyone buying a new computer faces them with no obvious solution unless they are technically competent to do it manually. What were they thinking of in not allowing you to choose the direction of syching depending on whether it's the...
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    Switch to mac?

    I've recently switched and there are a few things you need to consider IMO. First, how much have you got invested in software that needs to be replaced. By the time you've got Office, Acrobat, Photoshop etc in the Mac versions, it can cost quite a bit. For the PC you will already have the...
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    UK - what 3G network is best value?

    I got mine last Tuesday. Bought a micro SIMM in the t-mobile shop and topped it up to £20. They gave me a SIMM full size adapter so I could activate it in my phone. Now working fine in my iPad and using Download Meter to monitor my usage
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    Note taking/organizing app for iPad for typed notes

    PlainText does exactly that except for images with synching through DropBox. Plus it's free.
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    Simple Note taking app - Few Requirements

    If it's just simple text notes you need I would recommend PlainText which does everything you want and keeps it all synchronised with your other devices through Dropbox.. I like the fact that I don't need to worry about which device I input on so I can pick up my iPhone or iPad or MBA to input...
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    best app for word docs and power points for university classes.

    Just like on an iPad ;)
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    best app for word docs and power points for university classes.

    I would't consider anything but pdf files on the iPad. Handling of Word, PP etc files is pretty hit & miss. That would mean converting them from doc or ppt to pdf on a PC/Mac then uploading them to the iPad. Would suggest Dropbox to upload and GoodReader to file, read and annotate. Whether...
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    How I play flash videos

    Get the Puffin browser. Does basically the same thing using the Cloud rather than another PC so works on the move too.
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    I'm dumb! How to edit .txt file in Dropbox?

    +2. Great tool that has replaced Notes on both my iPad and iPhone.
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    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    Which makes my point. There are lots of things you can do at a push with many things but that doesn't mean they are suitable for doing it every day. If you fight hard you can make an iPad do some business tasks at a push but there are many things it cannot do period. Which makes it an OK tool...
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    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    Me too. But it took a lot more resource than would be generally acceptable today. Possible with some effort but it's just that rather than helping the task in hand I tend to find myself fighting Mr Job's machine all the way to make it do what I need to. Not everyone has the luxury of a...
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    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    Which is exactly my point. One of the most basic business functions, reviewing, editing and commenting on documents is not supported. I imagine your work around involved your colleagues having to create and send you a PDF which you then annotated and then someone had to sit down and transcribe...
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    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    So, when you were compiling the project reports how did you cope on the iPad with tracking changes and comments from other contributors? That's quite a basic business functionality that I have not found a viable workaround for.
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    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    There isn't one for the iPad. Best you can do is make it into a pdf and annotate that with GoodReader. The iPad could be a great business tool but things like this demonstrate that it isn't and is not intended to be. Entertainment is what it's about.
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    App for uni student: pdf annotation, word and powerpoint file editing functions

    +1 Pages not only only uses the keyboard, on the iPad it has no comment or track changes function. Marking up a pdf is the only way I have found to comment on a document but it's clunky so I usually fire up the lappie instead. GoodReader is good for pdf annotating and many other things too.
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    Does ipad stop accepting charging at 100%

    I'm wondering whether that's part of the reported battery life problems with iOS 4.3. I started getting really bad battery life particularly on my iPhone when I upgraded - it wouldn't last the morning - but following a tip I found via Google, I discharged both the iPad and iPhone and then gave...
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    Transfer files it iPad without iTunes

    Dropbox is your friend. Save any files you might want to access into the Dropbox folder on you lappie/desktop and they will automatically be there in your iPad Dropbox app. Any changes you make will also appear back in your Dropbox folder. Up to 2Gb storage it's free.
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    Overdid ordering accessories - what a pain!

    I get on really well with one of these: iPad Keyboard Case It acts as a case for the iPad and can either be set up as a keyboard and screen or the keyboard folds out of the way behind to use it in IPad mode.
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    Download Upgrade only

    When an update becomes available, iTunes gives you the options of download only or download and install. I tried the first, planning to install later but then couldn't find out how you install an already downloaded update. So I ended up re-downloading with an fresh "download and install". So...
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    Synching iPad with new MacBook Air?

    Seems rather a faff. Do Apple not expect people to replace their computers while keeping their iPad?
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    Synching iPad with new MacBook Air?

    I have a new MacBook Air to replace my ageing trusty Vaio. If I connect my iPad or iPhone to it it implies that the currently blank iTunes will overwrite the iPad contents if I sync. So is there a way to force a sync the other way so the iPad contents overwrite iTunes? I found a programme...
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    Offfice:mac2008 software for ipad

    Before you get Pages etc, be aware they make a mess of all but the simplest Word, Excell etc documents, particularly if there are any Tables in them, and you cannot see Track Changes or Comments on the iPad. Personally I find the iPad useless for other than reading them and then only if I have...
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    App for uni student: pdf annotation, word and powerpoint file editing functions

    I was very disappointed! Pages works fine for simple files but I gave up using it with complex Word authored docs because it made a complete mess of them with e.g. Tables hovering over and masking whole chunks of text. Nothing on the iPad will display track changes and comments in Word docs as...
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    Best leather-folios or rather best-leather folios

    If you want to know for sure, run a lighter flame over the surface. PU leather will melt, real leather won't. Bit of a destructive test though if it is PU.