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  1. dany592

    upgraded OS - ipad/itunes sync

    I've had my ipad for months and just love it. :D Recently I upgraded my OS to Windows7. I reinstalled itunes but cannot figure out how to sync what is on my ipad back onto my pc via iTunes.:confused: I thought I was pretty good at figuring this stuff out, but I am really stumped.:( I reach...
  2. dany592

    security on the ipad

    I'm new to the apple mobile product family and don't hear much about security and protection from viruses, etc. Also, online banking and purchases using the iPad. Only a couple weeks with the iPad and I would love to expand my use of it for finances and purchases. Any input here would be greatly...
  3. dany592

    MS Reader files (.lit)

    Anyone know how to view these files on the IPAD? Do they need to be converted? What is a good APP to use? Thanks in advance!:D
  4. dany592

    Shipped! With tracking number!

    just got my tracking info...... China via UPS worldwide;) OK Mr UPSman I'm waiting!
  5. dany592

    Apple charged my bank account today

    charge went thru today too! ordered day 1! bring it on:D