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  1. rjreynolds

    IIOS 6 - lots of issues

    When you say slow and and low rez, i must t say that i have disagree. Maybe it looks slightly different than google maps , but I would certainly not call it low res. i find maps to be responsive to the touch. I was able to remove pins from recent without a problem by hitting the clear button...
  2. rjreynolds

    IIOS 6 - lots of issues

    I have an iPad third-generation, And I had absolutely no problems at all with my upgrade. Wi-Fi worked perfectly. It did ask me to reenter my password however.
  3. rjreynolds

    Slight yellow area specifically in the bottom right

    Lol, no. These post are becoming comical though.
  4. rjreynolds

    GPS ability with the iPad3 wifi only

    Do you know if that device is Bluetooth 4.0 or does it even matter? I heard the new iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 limits battery drain, but I am not sure if both devices have to be Bluetooth 4.0 devices for the benefits.
  5. rjreynolds

    iPad 3 retina display is greenish -- it's best feature is messed up

    Mine does not have green tint. All HD video plays flawlessly. Don't know what you're talking about. Get it replaced.
  6. rjreynolds

    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    I am using my new iPad with a linksys "G" router and I am impressed at the distance that I have been able to maintain a connection with. Granted I live on the third floor, I was able to maintain a connection and stream videos from you tube at 500 ft. I have not tried it with an "N" router yet...
  7. rjreynolds

    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    Having worked near a QA DEPT, I can assure without a shadow of a doubt, that no QA dept could guarantee nor are they expected to do so, on a rollout of a product with quantities of this magnitude, a zero defect rate. Not even an ISO CERTIFIED company can accomplish that feat. Therefore, I would...
  8. rjreynolds

    Does the name give us some clues to the longevity of the product?

    I would just simply refer to the new iPad as the third generation iPad.
  9. rjreynolds

    People saying the new iPad is really to hot to hold.

    Mine does not heat up at all. It's a 16 gig white wifi.
  10. rjreynolds

    On 4th iPad and still not satisfied

    I decided to purchase mine at Walmart. I was the first one in line Thursday night at 9:30 pm. They went on sale at 12:01 am. The Walmart I went to only had 5 in stock, and they were all the 16 gig white. So far, no issues at all. Sound is great.
  11. rjreynolds

    I went to play with a new ipad.

    You failed to mention what resolution the you tube video rendered in. If the video did not exceed the limitations of the iPad 2 then of course you will not notice much of a difference. That is the problem with all these iPad 2 and new iPad comparisons. To really notice a difference you must load...
  12. rjreynolds

    What screen protector did you buy for your ipad 3

    Ghost Armor for the screen and the back. Does not seem to be affecting the screen resolution.