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  1. limey-g

    WiFi dropping out after 4.3 upgrade

    Well since the upgrade fingers crossed I have had no wifi drop outs. Things also seem to be a little speedier . Hope it continues. Geoff
  2. limey-g

    Struggling with OS upgrade

    Why so long Living rural in Canada on wireless broadband it took 3 yes 3 hrs to update itself. Had no problem and i know that my connection here on the farm is not lightning quick like you city boys. Heck i can update my Imac in no time at all. Wake up Apple there has to be a better way. Geoff
  3. limey-g

    Dropping WiFi

    Thanks, we breed Sibes, I see you like them too. Geoff
  4. limey-g

    Dropping WiFi

    I lose my connection if I set it down for a few minutes it will not reconnect. no problem when in constant use.
  5. limey-g

    Safari locking up in IOS 4.2.1

    I changed my Dns to one suggestion on the forum and at the moment things have improved quite a bit. Let's see how it goes. Geoff
  6. limey-g

    It's official - I'm getting an iPad for Christmas

    I guess these ladies have got you guys all over a barrel for the next 10 days. Brings a new meaning to being naughty or nice. Geoff
  7. limey-g

    Safari locking up in IOS 4.2.1

    I have this problem also, I used to love my iPad but since the upgrade I class my iPad as a Piece of junk Geoff
  8. limey-g

    Very disappointed with ios 4.2

    Count me as one of those with problems, my wifi is much slower after the upgrade, in fact if things do not improve then I can see myself firing up the laptop until a solution is found. Geoff
  9. limey-g

    Very disappointed with ios 4.2

    I find my iPad is slower, certainly in safari since the upgrade.
  10. limey-g

    What is your ipads name?

    Mine is called "Fred" Geoff
  11. limey-g

    iPad owners average age

    Maybe the reason that so many of us are in the older age group is that we are all trying to snatch a drink at the fountain of youth. Geoff
  12. limey-g

    iPad owners average age

    Well I am 69 years young, love my new Ipad. Got my first pc in 1978, where has the time gone ? Geoff
  13. limey-g

    Importing address book to ipad

    Hi, I use Thunderbird on my main pc and wondered if anyone has found a way to sync the Thunderbird address book into the Ipad. Thanks Geoff
  14. limey-g

    Hi from the Niagara Penninsula

    Hi everyone got my 64g wifi yesterday and just love it. Has the ipad been listed in a divorce case as yet because one spends more time with it than the better half. Lol Regards Geoff