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  1. jimmy4fingers

    Is extended apple care worth it??

    Don't waste your money get the zagg warranty it covers breakage and accidental seriously the best warranty out there !
  2. jimmy4fingers

    Skinit Skin for iPad 2??

    I skinned it with carbon from I carbon then I did my iPhone 4 to I love it very durable
  3. jimmy4fingers

    iPad Screen Protector

    I had the zagg and removed it and returned it the next day there's no need for it in my opinion it's to sticky there's nothing like the natural slide if the real thing glass!
  4. jimmy4fingers

    What do you have, white or black.

    I got white and added the carbon bezel now I can switch whenever I get bored I covered the back to
  5. jimmy4fingers

    What do you have, white or black.

    I got white and put a carbon fiber skin on the bezel so now I have a white and black when I want
  6. jimmy4fingers

    Finally, a Skin on my iPad 2!

    Here's mines fir the back and the front bezel, I love it! I did my iPhone 4 to, front rear and sides
  7. jimmy4fingers

    Got my carbon fiber front and rear skins today

    Well you just never know maybe it does have some healing capabilities I know it protects it from scratches and the TARGUS VUE case has protection all around so I think it is safe
  8. jimmy4fingers

    Got my carbon fiber front and rear skins today

    Went on smoothly I called them when I ordered and they even threw in 3 white and three white carbon fiber apple stickers to that was cool of them put one on my TARGUS VUE smart cover case I lovenhow there not just a smooth texture they actually have a TEXTURE AND THEY FEEL GREAT they actually...
  9. jimmy4fingers

    Does anyone know what type of magnets the ipad 2 smartcover uses?

    I made my own smart cover using 1 yes I said 1 earth magnet that's it and it puts my iPad into sleep mode look at my thread
  10. jimmy4fingers

    Why WHITE?

    I ordered a carbon fiber front bezel to cover the white it actually has texture and is just thick enough so that if you set it on the screen it wont touch the glass it's pretty sweet
  11. jimmy4fingers

    3g saving tip, and for those without 3g!

    I checked you can only use PDA net if you jail break your iPhone
  12. jimmy4fingers

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    About an inch up on the left hand side from the middle
  13. jimmy4fingers

    Viewing Outdoors

    If you can't see it in the sun just sell it I'm sure some one will take it off your hands
  14. jimmy4fingers

    Name Your Issue/concern/problem With ipad2!

    No regrets here love it
  15. jimmy4fingers

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Here's my tip/trick make your own smart cover with what ever case you want alls you need is a magnet in the right spot now when I close my vu case it goes into sleep mode I love it!
  16. jimmy4fingers

    Case / covers / skins

    I had the zagg armor on for like a week and took it off and returned it it just seemed to sticky when you slid your fingers on the screen it's so much better with out it in my opinion
  17. jimmy4fingers

    Which iPad Case Do You Have? Rate It Out Of 10!

    TARGUS vu case with my smart cover customization works just likenthe apple smart cover but better. And I made one form the wife but she took hers back and got a nook so I'm selling it cause I can't return it modified 50.00 and it's yours I love it!
  18. jimmy4fingers

    Targus vue case owners

    Ah just in case plus it looks cool it has the front one to that covers the bezel
  19. jimmy4fingers

    I just made my own smart cover :)

    It's just a magnet from the hobby store there strong used to hold down the canopies on remote control airplanes
  20. jimmy4fingers

    New Saddleback iPad 2 case, sweeeet

    Yea I can see dust and dirt getting trapped under the bezel and the constant friction making scratchs but it is cool looking I like my TARGUS VUE, my modified one of course look at my thread and you can check it out I love it!
  21. jimmy4fingers

    Targus vue case owners

    Heres a couple ideas first off I love this case! Same price as the smart cover, but I think that the apple smart cover is defiantly overrated! Now I have the TARGUS VUE SMART COVER I think it is the first out there? the placement of the magnet activated the sleep mode on and off, with no problem...
  22. jimmy4fingers

    I just made my own smart cover :)

    Tarsus vu it Works awesome
  23. jimmy4fingers

    I just made my own smart cover :)

    Here's some more pics
  24. jimmy4fingers

    I just made my own smart cover :)

    Two earth magnets placed in the right spot and BAM off when you close it and on when you open it well not totally off it puts it in sleep mode like the apple cover I am going to imbed the magnets a small bit from the outside so that the don't touch the bezel they have enough power to put it...
  25. jimmy4fingers

    My New Carbon Fiber Cover

    I just ordered the ICARBON front and rear carbon fiber I like it better than the skinomi it covers more area and no corner cutouts you don't get a front screen protecter but I don't use one anyways called them and talked they were really friendly and helpful but you do get the carbon for the...
  26. jimmy4fingers

    Bluetooth or wireless headset suggestions?

    I just got the plantronics 903 duel head phones and I love it sounds so clear on voice calls and watching movies no more cords :)
  27. jimmy4fingers

    iPad 2 covers....????

    I got the targus vuscape it is awesome
  28. jimmy4fingers

    Loganville, Georgia Best Buy

    At best buy in Silverdale wa no line have good stock and are handing out tickets at 4:30 there's no one here! Maybe 4 people waiting in cars
  29. jimmy4fingers

    Are lines forming where you are?

    I live in bremerton wa I'm at best buy and there is no line and they said they have a big stock but no numbers disclosed