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  1. firmament

    Problem applying Zagg Invisible Shield

    Thanks for the tips, esp. Zaggchick. It's not practical for me to get sent a replacement so I'll just go without a cover.
  2. firmament

    Tether iPhone to laptop, ad-hoc wifi on laptop, tether iPad

    Basically what I am doing right now is using a 3G internet service on my iPhone and tethering that to my Windows laptop. But now what I want to do is set up an ad-hoc wifi network on my laptop and tether my iPad to that since I have not been able to tether my iPad directly to my iPhone. I...
  3. firmament

    Problem applying Zagg Invisible Shield

    I found it impossible to position the Invisible Shield for placement onto my iPad. I followed all the steps but when it came time to apply it, I just couldn't get the protector positioned correctly. Does anyone have tips on how to do this? Otherwise I'll just continue to go without a...
  4. firmament

    iBook in trouble

    Lol, I thought this was about the iBook laptop that Apple used to make...
  5. firmament

    iPad Case Reviews

    I got some knockoff brand when I bought my iPad. It has a rough alligator fake leather appearance with these random straps and buckles. Honestly it looks like it just came out of an S & M club.
  6. firmament

    New iPad owner, laptop replacement/supplement

    Gentlefury's mention of the iPad and Mac mini combo now has me interested. That could be a replacement which has the benefits of both a laptop and desktop along with the easy portability of the iPad plus its versatility when used as either an attached monitor or alone.
  7. firmament

    New iPad owner, laptop replacement/supplement

    My first two paragraphs were directed at RoadPilot.
  8. firmament

    New iPad owner, laptop replacement/supplement

    Isn't there some kind of USB adapter available for the iPad's data port? I see your point generally, with both the small market share and business practices of Apple there will be limitations on what is available and that is a big minus. I am not particularly happy with itunes. I do tend to...
  9. firmament

    New iPad owner, laptop replacement/supplement

    Hello, I am an American living in the Middle East (paid a horrible markup for this 16 gig 3G iPad but oh well, and at least it's unlocked). I've never owned an Apple desktop or laptop. In 05 I got an iPod and was impressed. In 09 got an HP laptop which during this year began to suffer a...
  10. firmament

    Is your iPad jailbroken?

    No and I do not want to jailbreak it either. I am happy with the way it works as is.
  11. firmament

    Can't sync music from iPhone to iPad using iTunes

    I have music and data in iphone apps that I want on the iPad. I do the sync in iTunes but the music and data don't show up on iPad.