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    my review 5 *****'S

    I have been with her for 5 hours ; we started slowly; nothing was rushed; music; literature; ambiance; a very relaxed first date; Now I want to go steady. Ipad is everything I was hoping for and a bit more; at 55 my eyesight really strains to use iphone as my mobile email & web appliance ( I...
  2. K

    mobileme / itunes / multiple accounts /

    Thanks for the feedback; I watched a mobileme video on idisk per your advic e, keep them comming !
  3. K

    mobileme / itunes / multiple accounts /

    Idan and friends: Thanks for the resource with this thread. My "problem(s) is / are as follows: 1. I have a mobileme account: I am not using it at all and I want to use it for: a.will it act as an exchange server for my outlook mail ? b. how do I store data on it ? c. What else...
  4. K

    PC vs Mac

    PC user ( 55 years old; real estate and loan industry war horse ); mac was way too artsy (lo). I have however purchased several for my 4 children over the years.( does that count ?)
  5. K

    Free iPhone 3GS - Legit?

    april fools ?
  6. K

    Apple Rolls Out iBooks Feature Page

    I am getting very very excited !
  7. K

    Ebook website: Jim's Post

    Thanks for the Tip!
  8. K

    Ipad magazines

    I can see action sports using the device to revolutionize delivery of: Surfing: Sking; Riding ; deep sea diving.. imagine the visual experiences.
  9. K

    What books do you plan on buying right away?

    Murder mystey: Johnathan Kellerman's: Deception ( I have read the entire series )
  10. K

    Preparing for delivery... what crazy things are you doing?

    Lest see: 1. Reading everything on the net I can 2.Updating my version of itunes 3.Putting more $$$ in my apple store account 4.Seeking low priced early case ; until the good ones come ou ( office max: $12.95 ) 5.Asking the owner of my local ups store where I get 100% of my mail; if he will...
  11. K

    iPad 3g availibility

    The manager of Best Buy Stockton,Ca. Told me this afternoon that he is getting 15 3G'S this Saturday I don't really believe it, but that's what he saya
  12. K

    Affordable mobile wifi

    Thanks for the feedback
  13. K

    UPS shipment changed locations (states) overnight?

    It feels like medication is required Fellow apple early adapters; chill with me ; we have done all we can ; trust the proces ; othewrise take apple valium !
  14. K

    Affordable mobile wifi

    Mobile WIFI solution: I am paying $60.00 per Mo. For AT&T data plan with a quicksilver usb mobile modem(Unlimited minutes). My new IPAD ; is wifi only; AT&T does not have a mobile wifi hardware product. After much web surfing I have found the CradlepointPHS300 mobile personal hot spot. This...
  15. K

    What did you purchase with your iPad

    ipad case
  16. K

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Excellent question: It will replace my iphone for in vehicle tasks. In my current line of work; instant response to emails equals orders which equals my income. I plan to purchase a suction cup mounting bracket for my dashboard; and will stay wired in real time. Why ipad and not iphone ...
  17. K

    Top 5 iPad Apps you'd pay for?

    An APP review APP; to keep track of most popular ; most reviewed; Hottest buzz Wireless APP: allow external usb modem ( I.E. AT&T quicksilver) ; to browse when out of range of wifi ( I already pay AT&T for the service; make it compatible) Push mail ( like for iphone)
  18. K

    WiFi Only vs. 3G: How to Decide

    went with wiFi I opted for wifi; I have an AT&T quicksilver usb modem for my lap top. I have ben looking for answers ( hacks) that will allow me to plus it into my ipda; if not I can always find a Starbucks \ McDonalds ; that att allows for wifi under my data plan.
  19. K

    What accessory do you think you will need

    several leather case that allows viewing choices. Never can have too many chargers ; Biggest will be the mini-adapter to USB adapter;
  20. K

    Local UPS just told me this Week!

    Mine being shipped to local ups store I will check each and every day starting on the First !
  21. K

    What iPad apps do you want to see?

    streaming television / video Live sports on tv ; nacar; mma; football;
  22. K

    Kindle for the iPad

    Content is King I look forward to access from every source; this will serve all along the retail path and be good for all.
  23. K

    Stoked !

    55 yr old dude ; waited 2 years for iphone ( closet hater ); once I used it for 2 weeks I was hooked. Yes I have read all of the " nay-sayers"; no multi tasking; no flash; at&t.. monopoly on apps ; yada; yada; yada. I discovered that it is the total " experience"; tactile ; auditory; visual...
  24. K

    Official iPad Pre-order List

    16 gig wifi only W68862957