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  1. MacVaio

    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Coming to iOS

    Hey thanks for the info! After a week out you made my day. :D Mac is now updating Strum Stage.
  2. MacVaio

    and the nominations are???

    Thank you, I'll check it out asap. :) Mac is now packing for a short trip. @ntiPad comes 2, of course.
  3. MacVaio

    AVplayerHD - need help

    Hi, hola and welcome susanrachel. Well, you can not play directly dvd files (VIDEO_TS folders, vob) with AVplayer or any player conceived for iPad. You have to convert them in advance. Avi, FLV, Mpeg, MKV... u name it, they will play even .srt subs etc. Many converters around. Try to use the...
  4. MacVaio

    All About Music And Recording

    Hey ejbpesca all the best with your gig. ;) Meanwhile these days I was happy to grab a couple of free codes for synths that are incredible fat and tweekable: check sometime Electronic Piano Synthesizer and Addictive Synth. They are great for electronic musicians and aficionados. iPad is the bomb...
  5. MacVaio

    Not charging

    Good for you. :D I haven't seen a Kindle wall charger but I assume is different shaped than your standard iPad charger. Still it was performing some charge. Guess it has less USB power draw. Mac not downloading anything
  6. MacVaio

    I need help

    Yes, it looks like a USB power issue. More details about your machine, OS, memory... that could help. Does your Pc restart also when overloaded with sound/music programs? It happened to me a while ago and had to reconfigure some settings. Motherboard was getting in heat. :D MAc is now using...
  7. MacVaio

    Mic level trouble 64GB 3G OS 4.3.3

    Hi MorrisTheCat, glad that you could get a new iPad. ;) What about if this happens when your warranty is over.? Brrrrr! Don't want to think. :( I am still stuck with version 4.3.1 I find it quite stable and not quite sure about wanting to have issues. Let's say I don't quite trust the updates...
  8. MacVaio

    Do you use a Keyboard?

    Nope. Not planning to use it in the future although we have a spare usb mac keyboard. The on-screen keything is also (slowly)growing on me. Mac has just downloaded AtariTinyRiot
  9. MacVaio


    Yes. No. :confused: uh... welcome? Mac is now feeding the trolls.
  10. MacVaio

    can ipad be independent?

    Uh, but what about backupo? Don't you have a security copy of your stuff? Because that's one of the main reasons of backin' up for me. I always disliked iTunes but, funnily, it seems to work better on my Vaio than on my old iBook or actual MacBook. BTW, who said the inmortals live in mortal...
  11. MacVaio

    DocAS Lite(AppStore Now) = PDF Notes+Document Reader+Note Taker

    Thanks to you. Link is now working. Ready to try it. Best. Mac is now using Sound Epic
  12. MacVaio

    Not charging

    Well, I never had this problem, but logical flow says: I assume that you are using the iPad own charger. Then some corruption may have happened to battery settings. You can hard reset your idevice pressing both the sleep and the home buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. Proceed to fully...
  13. MacVaio

    All About Music And Recording

    Actually is the only charging and communcation port, the same used for charging or for the camera kit, Alesis iO dock, etc. Seems that you made a good buy tclark! Not using yet Garageband, I am more of a soloist or free composition player. Still is way sooo cheap you can't go wrong. Sometimes...
  14. MacVaio

    Hey everyone

    ;) You can always set an account in a different country store, i.e. in US, Europe, UK... MacBlade Warrior
  15. MacVaio

    HELP! I bought a used IPAD 1 model, and want to connect to Itunes for first time...

    That's it. If they are free there is no problem: just download them. About paid apps, well you can buy them anew and they will be yours for ever, like the person who sold you the iThing. No matter the change of hardware 'cause he will recuparate these apps in the new iPad2. Apps are linked to...
  16. MacVaio

    iPad 2 Music makers unite :-)

    Alesis iO dock actually €168 + postage in You can observe in the pics above dock is holding a first gen iPad. :D MacMicron (proud owner) Edit: out of stock until oKtober!!! grgrgrgrrr.:mad:
  17. MacVaio

    OzBook - interactive iPad book

    Grrracias! Thanks to both of you. Nice link señor Chuy! ;) MacOuiLead
  18. MacVaio

    DocAS 2.0(Goodreader+Notes plus) is in App store now.Fantastic release.Deal Now.

    Your app looks like a winner. I would like to test the lite version but unfortunately it seems unavalaible in the EU/Spanish iTunes Store. :confused: MacBeat Monitor 4
  19. MacVaio

    and the nominations are???

    Just one question about OverDrive Media Console. Is it possible to use it for accessing any public library in any country or you use it only for your local librery? Then it could be awesome... uuuh. Thanks. MacPopular Science+
  20. MacVaio

    All About Music And Recording

    Hello and welcome to the forums tclark2323! :) I think that you need a special split cable that hooks into the headphone's minijack. Search for iRig in the forums or guitar recording... here is an exemple...
  21. MacVaio

    Apps for ADHD

    Hi Danno1, browsing today I found this guy Emmanuel CROMBEZ who made this little coloring app, cute: Mandalas for children also a free (for some time) app more abstract called i-LOGO going to d/load it, may be interesting. All the best. MacSongify
  22. MacVaio

    Is anyone else addicted to buying Apps?

    Oh Dog, I should not have read this! Not only I am going fast and furious on the road to AppHoard City, also there are Crossroad CashConverter's lurking on the dark... Still I find the bussiness model of the App Store fair compared to the big soft names. I (we) am being educated in the art of...
  23. MacVaio

    Don't hate me but I'm selling my iPad.

    Why should anyone hate you? Well, maybe some microhead would... but here!?!? One of the most pleasant and friendly boards ever... :p I would only add that I getting sort of bored with this misconception found on many opinions here and there: iPad is not here to replace a personal computer but...
  24. MacVaio

    Must have wifi to download apps?

    And expensive too, unless you have a flat rate (european?) data plan. That could be the reason of the 20Mb restriction I guess. I personally use the same data microsim either on computer or my iPad 3G, since I have no wifi @home. Fully mobile and kicking. MacOpening
  25. MacVaio

    Pages for iPad ... cost?

    Yes siree, that's it: Pages '09 @ Mac App Store :) MacTarot Royale
  26. MacVaio

    Apps for ADHD

    Welcome to the boards. Although I am not a professional I am very sensible to this syndrome since there is someone in my family with it. It is sometimes very difficult to recommend an app without knowing more details, age specially. Anyway I would recommend some musical games, sound toys and...
  27. MacVaio

    How Can I Return an App?

    Sometimes is worst. You buy an app with high expectations then it turns out that the darn thing is so-so. Not bad not good either. What can you do? Specially if is € .79 ($ .99). Is not worth the trouble to return it... My ego says: U failed again! :o At least some others buyers do it...
  28. MacVaio

    How do you guys feel about App review popups

    Yes, it is. I hate them popups, I could live with them in a free app, but find it unacceptable in a paid one. I enjoy doing reviews from time to time and never uber pressure. And I prefer to write positive reviews... ;) Nevertheless I would like to thank to all the dev community for their...
  29. MacVaio

    10 year anniversary of the iPad name!

    Thanks for sharing. Yeah, for me iPad is science-fiction made true. :p 12 years ago i was using a palm handheld and it was lika star trek device. Right now i feel like Mr. Spock. MacKnowtilus (Basic)
  30. MacVaio

    Charger to charge ipa using AA batteries

    Car power inverter + iPad own mains. It hooks into the cigarette lighter socket and provides DC power. Targus PAPWR005U Mobile Power Inverter: Electronics There are many of them... :) MacSales Management...
  31. MacVaio

    Apple won't let me replace iPad?

    This is then most unusual and INACCEPTABLE. If you buy let's say an iPad2 in Cairo you can not claim any warranty? Are they sold under the desk maybe? Apple should take note then. I would try to locate the Apple service in the country your iPad was purchased and then follow until the...
  32. MacVaio

    Apple won't let me replace iPad?

    Mohamed, here is my question. Is iPad avalaible for sale in Egypt? Because i found this site: Apple (Egypt) but can not find it listed there. Just Macs and iPhones... BTW, how is the civil situation in your country? :confused: Best! Mac Ω Recorder
  33. MacVaio

    All About Music And Recording

    A question for Guill from Holland Ok Guill, I'll take your word, thank you. Since I purchased also a lot of music apps including but not all iMS-20, djay, Rebirth, nodeBeat, SamplerSequencer HD (not great but...), Fourier Synths, Sunrizer, Gliss and almost all of the freebies including...
  34. MacVaio

    iPad 2 Music makers unite :-)

    Thanks again. Didn't know about this thread... :o MacSunrizer
  35. MacVaio

    Are iBooks upload files lost if iBooks app is deleted!

    Logic says that the ibooks and files you purchased thrugh your working account will still be there in your iTunes back up. You may have to download again the iBooks app and sync, but all the purchased items with the obsolete account would be lost. Contact iTunes for more information. Hope my...
  36. MacVaio

    Stupid app store

    I did Listen to the masters! ;) thanks! It works great on computer and iPad. MacSyncSlate Professional
  37. MacVaio

    Have i been stupid?

    @ashio83 Not only you made a right decission. You made a wicked decission. :D The hardware casing of the iPad first gen is great. Although weightier the feel of it is tougher. The little buttons are better integrated in the shape. I love it. Hope u won't regret. MacTypefaces
  38. MacVaio

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    Ditto except for the price. :( I've got a Simyo microsim card + free adapter and a generous monthly 5GB plan in Barcelona, Ispain, Europe and the ability to change it to any of my computers or smartphones, here or abroad since I don't live full year in the same country. I pay for what I use...
  39. MacVaio

    Earphone jack

    Great! This is becoming a golden rule: In case of trouble, REBOOT! :) Uh, and welcome to the forums Scapanes. MacLaDiDa
  40. MacVaio

    How often should you completely turn off your iPad?

    I wouldn't stress too much about it. Sometimes is off a couple minutes, just for refreshing new apps as I said before, some other times is just off the whole night, specially if charging. Leave it to your schedule or needs. Our tool is really heavy duty, and I guess that not switching it off...