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    Will the snap on IPAD2 cases fit?

    I checked Amazon and could not find it on pre-order for the iPad 3.
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    I saw this case today at Best Buy and the brown one was only $29.99 compared to the Targus website that has it listed at 59.99. Best Buy also sells the black one for $59.99. Hmm I wonder why the price difference.
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    Are Zagg Invisibleshields Defective for IPad 2?

    You make a good point, I just want to cover the back.
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    Are Zagg Invisibleshields Defective for IPad 2?

    Oh really so the stores have the new shipments already?
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    Are Zagg Invisibleshields Defective for IPad 2?

    I have heard that the first batch of the Zagg Invisibleshields for the iPad 2 are defective and not fitting properly. Is this true and does anyone know when this issue will be corrected? I was hoping to stop by my local mall and have them installed but looks like I may have to hold off for now.
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    Just ordered the Ultimate Sleeve Case for iPad 2 with Smart Cover in vertical, no straps.
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    iPad 2 Light Leak Problem

    Hmmm seems that people are maybe being OC and just trying to find a problem. That didn't look that bad to me and every device is going to have issues like these. I have a tendency to be OC on my devices but it will just drive you crazy if you let it. I can find something wrong with every...
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    This looks pretty darn good. I may have to get the one that fits the smart cover as well.
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    Am I the only one not THRILLED with the new cover? (Case)

    Aren't all these new back covers and protectors covering up the speaker on the back? And does Best Buy and other places in the mall install any screen/back protector or do they only install Zagg Invisibleshields?
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    iPad 2 is 4x Faster than Original iPad

    Lol, I so agree with this. I will be ordering the iPad on March 11 and won't regret it for one single second.
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    White or black?

    The color is under the glass so it can't get dirty. I'm getting white.
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    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    Ever since I changed to WPA an downloaded the update my WiFi has been great.
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    Getting "kicked out" from an App to Homescreen

    Sounds good, thanks for the responses.
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    Getting "kicked out" from an App to Homescreen

    Is it normal to every once in a while get kicked out of an app back to home screen suddenly? It seems to happen more often to me when I am on the page that shows all my apps or links that are currently open. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.
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    Otterbox for iPad

    I thought the defender and commuter came with a plastic screen cover like the phone cases.
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    Just downloaded it a few minutes ago. Enjoy!!!
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    Time keeps changing

    Yep, noticed for the first time today that my clock was off. Weird, I wonder what the problem is.
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    How did it get a scratch? The screen seems to be very scratch resistant.
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    Just curious, is anyone going with no protection for their iPad such as a case or screen protector?
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    WIFI Problems

    Yep I have a Verizon router and changed from WEP to WPA and also changed the channel and it now works flawlessly.
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    Otter box

    When is the Otter box coming out for the iPad because I will be getting one for sure.
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    Re-entering Password

    Never mind I figured it out and so far working flawlessly, hope it lasts:)
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    What is the real affect that the iPad will have on eReaders

    I'm 31 and love reading the iPad in bed and on the can, lol (TMI) I am also one that sold my Kindle for the iPad and I definitely made the right decision especially sine I had the Kindle DX which is the same price as my iPad which can do so much more.
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    Re-entering Password

    So is this something Apple can fix via an update?
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    Re-entering Password

    I have a verizon router, how do I change it from WEP to WPA2?
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    Re-entering Password

    I am convinced it is an Apple problem and they need to fix it. I am sick of trying all these different fixes that are out there. As others have said all over Internet forums is that it should not be this hard or complicated to get a consistent wi-fi connection. Consider yourself blessed if u...
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    Re-entering Password

    So I will be surfing the web and everything is fine and then all the sudden it will ask me to re-enter my password in order to stay connected. Why does this keep happening?
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    iPad email application issue

    Great to hear, thanks for the info Max.
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    iPad email application issue

    I am glad u brought this up because I am having the same problem except I am able to stay in the app for a while then I get thrown out to the home screen. I just so hope this is not a problem with my ipad, due to the fact this is already my second one.
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    Getting a replacement tomorrow...

    I also received a replacement the other day and the customer service was just outstanding.
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    Apple Case

    So how do you guys like the Apple case? Is it worth a purchase?
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    Check out this case

    I purchased the silicon and gel case to see which one is better. So far I like the silicon better because I can access all the buttons very easily. So far with the gel case I am having problems accessing the screen lock switch on the right side of the iPad.
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    Official iPad Owners List

    received it today, now filling it with apps
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    Welcome Cimo Technologies as a sponsor of!

    Welcome cimousa, I have already ordered a case and am looking forward to receiving it.
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    Check out this case

    Not that I have tried either one yet but it looks like the cases at Cimo are better. Already made my order!!!
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    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    oh yes, great to see that you can adjust the brightness so easily in ibooks
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    The lamest criticism of the Ipad

    great post, enjoyed reading it
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    Check out this case

    thanks for the info, looks like I will have to choose