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  1. K

    iPad Golla Tarif

    Anything between $30 - $40
  2. K

    iPad Golla Tarif

    Some more photos
  3. K

    iPad Golla Tarif

    This is a very nice bag with lots and lots of space.
  4. K

    My iPad story

    Dude, I have a tear in my eye. I hope that iPad brings you many years of joy. Your dad is never far from you so don't worry.
  5. K

    Order 2 x iPad and order got canceled

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Shipping is to Florida so I guess they are limiting all US stock now. I have replied to them as I see they have already deducted the money from my account for the full order.
  6. K

    Order 2 x iPad and order got canceled

    So I ordered yesterday a 32Gb and 16Gb for my dad from the iStore and now a few minutes ago I get a email that they have canceled my order. The reason: To ensure that all customers are given equal opportunity to acquire this product they have limited the amount per customer. I think this is...
  7. K

    Welcome International members

    a) Where you are from : Country, City South Africa, near Johannesburg b) Do you own an ipad if so what model Not Yet c) If you are going to buy an ipad if so what model 32GB Wifi and 16GB Wifi for Dad d) When do you expect to receive your ipad if you are buying one Before end July 2010 e)...
  8. K

    Ipad connect through Internet Sharing

    Hi Quick question. If a router does not have Wi-Fi capability, will I be able to connect using Internet Connection Sharing on a PC that is wired to the router or will I have to get a dedicated Wi-Fi ADSL Router etc.
  9. K

    On vacation and got my parents iPad-ed!

    Got my Dad hooked as well and we will be buying 2 of them in the near future.
  10. K

    iPad and PC

    My wife will be glad, even if I spend more time with the Ipad I can now sit in the same room as where they
  11. K

    A better way to find apps...

    Thanks for the links
  12. K

    Want to buy a Zagg shield?

    If somebody have another one please post.
  13. K

    Another One from South Africa

    Hi All Just a quick introduction. Also from South Africa. Ipad will be my first Apple product. I am a Blackberry person, but really looking forward to it.