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  1. Timmah

    Attach files to websites

    Jailbreak it, and look up iFile. It saved me! :) I use it as a USB or external harddrive whenever I need to.
  2. Timmah

    iOS 4.2 Beta 2 Download

    Where did you download the Beta 2 if you wern't a Dev? I read people did this, but I can't find it on the interwebz. XD Edit: Never mind, found one. XD
  3. Timmah

    2nd hand ipad issues

    Go to settings, general, reset, reset all data and media. This will wipe everything on the ipad including settings, images apps, movies, music etc. It basically wipes everything but the os.
  4. Timmah

    Have you known anyone to brick their Ipad?

    Yes. To bad it's on 3.2.2
  5. Timmah

    Have you known anyone to brick their Ipad?

    They just gave you a new one back on the spot? Lucky. I had to really try hard to get a new one. Haha
  6. Timmah

    Have you known anyone to brick their Ipad?

    I unfortunately have. It went into a boot loop and slowly the apple logo stayed on for shorter time every boot until it didn't boot anymore. :( Couldn't restore is cause itunes said there was a Hardware Problem. Sent it into apple jailbroken and not working, got a brand new one. <3
  7. Timmah

    Just installed the 4.2 beta

    You guys on the first page - You are harshly rating something already that is in Beta. Of course it will most likely not work. Thats what beta is called. Report them to apple!
  8. Timmah

    app waiting and waiting and waiting

    No problem, happy to help.
  9. Timmah

    Connecting to the internet

    Dont change the settings when it assigns it to you. The IP and thouse settings should not be changed.
  10. Timmah

    Can You Setup/Configure/Troubleshoot a Wireless Modem/Router from an iPad?

    Set up a wireless printer, or manage a wireless printer?
  11. Timmah

    iPad won't sync "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" movie

    What is your iTunes Version?
  12. Timmah

    IPAD 3.2.2 Exchange Requirements

    Hey There Fellow IT Buddy! I have almost the same job as you. :) Fun job eh? XD Have you taken a look at this URL? The iPad Exchange ActiveSync Guide – Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat Also, are you trying to connect to an Exchange Server?
  13. Timmah

    Connecting to the internet entered an IP? That may be the reason. The iPad will autmataclly get an IP from the connection, that doesn't need to be changed. If you could for me, do a Reset Network Settings, and go back and connect to the network. If it connects successfully, you will see the wifi icon.
  14. Timmah

    Connecting to the internet

    Do you have any other iDevice that you have? Or can get lended to you from someone?
  15. Timmah

    app waiting and waiting and waiting

    Restart the iPad.
  16. Timmah

    unsetting sentence case

    By default, iOS is a "Professional" so it will capitalize everything and can't be turned off. You could just press the Shift button (the arrow) before typing. That will stop it.
  17. Timmah

    App for switching wifi on and off from welcome screen?

    You could use SBSettings from Cydia (if jailbroken)
  18. Timmah

    Application won't delete--says "Waiting"

    Press on the app until is says "Paused" Then, click it again. It will download. Just wait, then delete it. Or just restart the iPad.
  19. Timmah

    Connecting to the internet

    If you laptop is connecting fine, it isn't your router and is your iPad. Please try going to "Settings", Reset, Reset Network Settings (or something similar) Let me know if that fixes your issue.
  20. Timmah

    Importing address book to ipad

    Hello there Here is an easy way to transfer contacts to the iPad. This was formated for the iPod Touch, but will most likely work for the iPad as well. Requirements - You will need to have: Windows 7 Mozilla Thunderbird iTunes iPod Touch (2nd Gen/ 3rd Gen) Instructions: 1...
  21. Timmah

    Connect to Belkin?

    First off, make sure you are entering the password right. Second, you could go into the "Bios" or the Settings of the router, and change the password. To get there, put in a web browser this address , or . If it asks for a username and password, try entering Admin as...
  22. Timmah

    Camera Connection Kit transfer other files?

    Hello - They accessory has found to be able to be used on many other things then just an SD card/USB. If you want to transfer files between each other, you could jailbreak and install iFile, and plug in a SD card or a USB drive and iFile would see your files on there. In iOS 4.2, printing...
  23. Timmah

    Dead iPad, support abroad

    Hey there - When the iPad says "Not Charging" it means your USB port is not powerful enough to charge the iPad. The macs apparently ship with a powerful enough USB port (of course) and work without effort. The reason it worked on the other computer was because it had a more powerful USB port.
  24. Timmah

    Jailbroken iPad being sent to apple! D:

    So here is what happened. I did an install of some cydia program FullForce I believe it was and everything was find until I turned it off for the night (going to bed) I try to turn it back up, see the apple logo, then the pixals on the side (like normal) ANNNNDDD it turns off, and is in a boot...
  25. Timmah

    3.2.1 wifi flaking on me

    Trying to stay away from that, but I guess I will have to take that route. Thanksnfor your help!
  26. Timmah

    3.2.1 wifi flaking on me

    Hello fellow friends. I am having a bit of an issue. It's pretty major and annoying. Since I have upgraded I have had many issues with wifi. If the signal strength simbol goes down, I have great wifi, but if it goes full bars, the internet is vvvveeerrryyyyyy slow if at all nothing loads. It...
  27. Timmah

    iPad MS exchange and Security?

    Let me say this. Anything can be hacked. If it lights up, it can be hacked in some way. iOS is pretty rock solid with security. As long as nobody jailbreaks and opens that risk of being "hacked" you should be fine.
  28. Timmah

    Itunes sync

    You posted this in the wrong section. This has nothing to do with hacking. Please next time post in the iPad General.
  29. Timmah

    Updated iOS is coming our way

    I just want iOS 4. xD
  30. Timmah

    Ipad 3g 3.2.1 jailbreak now works!

    Yea when apple releases an update to enhance your product they make your lives miserable and delete everything off your iPad, even though they are just fixing a wifi issue.[/sarcasm]
  31. Timmah

    Can you still use Apple App store on jailbroken device?

    I thought ti was funny too. xD
  32. Timmah

    Jailbreak 3.2.1 iPad With JailbreakME

    Yup, totally normal. :P
  33. Timmah

    Can you still use Apple App store on jailbroken device?

    No you can't. Since apple doesn't like rules, they totally wipe the whole app store when you jailbreak and they call you and they force you to unjailbreak.
  34. Timmah

    Jailbreak 3.2.1 iPad With JailbreakME

    I dont see a big deal in it. It's just a small pixlated line when booting. Unjailbreak if you dont like it.
  35. Timmah

    Ipad 3g 3.2.1 jailbreak now works!

    Doubt overloaded, more like exploding.
  36. Timmah

    Jailbreak 3.2.1 iPad With JailbreakME

    There is an iPad version out
  37. Timmah

    Bricked ? iPad 3.2.1 3G using jailbreakme

    Your issue was not the jailbreak. It was Terminal. We have a sitckied topic that has apps that work with iPad for a these sort of things dont happen. You best bet is to hold down the wake/slepp button and the home button untill you get to the Connect to iTunes screen and restore...
  38. Timmah

    Is it possible to revert back to iPad os 3.2 from 3.2.1?

    No, it is working correctly.
  39. Timmah

    Jailbreak 3.2.1 iPad With JailbreakME

    iPad 3g 3.2.1 jailbreak from NOW WORKS! :D
  40. Timmah

    Ipad 3g 3.2.1 jailbreak now works!

    IT NOW WORKS! Why? Cause it doesn't work for me before, and now it does. ;D Go head and go to in your iPad and slide to JAILBREAK! :D Thank YOU COMEX! <3