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  1. Moray

    Keyboard Short cuts

    You can make a short cut under Keyboard in System Preferences by putting a short cut word with a Phrase into the Keyboard entries. But I cannot discover how to erase a short cut and its associated phrase. you can erase the short cut, but the phrase seems to be immovable. Any ideas, anyone? NM
  2. Moray

    Losing data from cloud and Notes in iPad2 and iPad3

    Suppose I have an iPad2 and an iPad3. I write notes in Notes on the iPad2. I assume they have gone to the cloud. I open iPad3 and access the Notes on the cloud and synch them onto the iPad3. Since I no longer want them on the iPad2 I delete them on the iPad2. What happens is they are...
  3. Moray


    I write documents on my iPad using Pages. I want to send them to Dropbox so that I can access them on my iMac using Snow Leopard. I can manage the other way round - if I put a document file into Dropbox on the iMac I can get it on the iPad. But I cannot see how to upload a Pages document from...
  4. Moray

    Groups in Contacts

    I Have a whole string of "untitled group" entries and they seem to be proliferating when I synch contacts to my iiMac. Moreover there is no "edit" button on their pages, so how can I delete them, and how can I stop this happening? I have one other group that is proliferating in the same way...
  5. Moray

    Location services

    S it true that if location services is active people can steal files from any app on your machine?
  6. Moray

    Glad to be with you

    I have just joined these forums and look forward to working with everyone. I have used Macs since the Apple IIe, and very much enjoy the iPad. however there are many things that seem hard to understand for us oldies, and to perfom, so so help will be appreciated.
  7. Moray

    Problem about Mail settings

    Sometimes when I access my mail, either through, or through, and also through iCloud, I get a message saying that there is something wrong with my settings and the system cannot handle either displaying mail on the screen, or sending it from my iPad. The message preview is...
  8. Moray

    Pages and Notes Dictionary

    How can I add words to the iPad dictionary so that they are not flagged as a spelling error? For example, I want to use the Latin word "cogitans" in an article I am writing, so I do not want the spell checker to flag it. In a similar way, I want to use English English spelling, for example...
  9. Moray

    Spell checking

    IN Pages on my iMac I can teach the vocabulary to accept unusual words as correct, and not needing to be corrected. For example I can tell Pages to accept " cogitans", a Latin word, as acceptable. How do I change or add to the spell checking vocabulary on the iPad?
  10. Moray

    Mail filters

    On my iMac I use (Orange) as my email provider, with Eudora as a front end. I can set filters to block undesirable email in either wanadoo or Eudora. How do I set filters in iPad mail? I have accounts both for and also for