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    Steve's Legacy

    I know we all hope for Steve Jobs' recovery, but to be honest it seems likely this may be his last leave of absence. I was thinking about what marching orders he might give Apple in his absence. What direction to go. In fact he has always been going the same direction, as evidenced by this...
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    Here comes the competition

    Last year the iPad pretty much had the entire playing field to itself. None of the major manufacturers had a real tablet made to compete on form and functionality with the iPad. CES is wrapping up this week, and it is pretty clear that Apple's not going to be running unopposed. Several of the...
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    Springpad or EverNote?

    I've used EverNote for several years and really like it. However my wife recently started using Springpad and has become a big fan of that. I know there are other note taking Apps, but few have all of the features of these two. Plus versions for iOS and Android and Webapps for the desktop. So...
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    How long will you wait to upgrade to iOS 4.2?

    The big update is coming very soon, but some expect lots of bugs. Will you wait to hear the results or will you jump on right away?
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    How not to use the iPad

    Funny, not for the squeamish. The Wrong Way To Use The New Newsday iPad Application
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    Apple opened door for Flash?

    Did Apple Just Open the Door to Adobe Flash on iPhone and iPad? [Updated] | Fast Company Pretty much says it all. The Policy Apple has pointed to for keeping Flash out has been altered by Apple recently. That doesn't mean SJ wants to see Flash on the iDevices, but this could open the door...
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    Piper Jaffray says Android beats iOS in five years

    Piper Jaffray: Android Army’s Victory Over iPhone Inevitable | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD Piper Jaffray analysts say while Nokia and RIM (Blackberry) market share will diminish it is Google's Android that takes over, not Apple's iOS. It sounds like their big reason is...
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    What are using your iPad for that you didn't expect?

    Yes, these are all things you can do with your iPad. However, instead of what you expected to be using it for, what do you find yourself doing that you didn't consider a buying point when you bought it. I imagined I'd do a lot of web browsing and reading books, but I find I am using it for...
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    Gmails Shrinking Inbox

    So I setup my Gmail account as the Exchange account in the iPad Mail app for push notifications. However, I notice that every time I go to look at my Inbox it somehow shows less and less mail. Despite the fact that both the web browser and my Android Phones Gmail App show my Inbox containing...