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  1. antonio107

    How to solve the iTunes Store or iCloud Missing Item issue? Customer Service no use

    It says the system is down. :-( But thanks! Will try it when it's back up!
  2. antonio107

    How to solve the iTunes Store or iCloud Missing Item issue? Customer Service no use

    Google brought me back here, and I've been having precisely this problem too. It's strange, because almost WITHOUT exception I always buy entire albums. I have entire albums on my classic iPod. I've been buying music on iTunes since probably 2005 or so, and I was really excited about the...
  3. antonio107

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    Wow, this forum looks a lot nicer than the last time I was here! I think I'm going to upgrade the OS tonight, even though I'd lose my JB. I never got the SNES emulator to work, I don't use any of the winterboard themes, and the only real Cydia app I use was the tweak to my spellchecker. iCloud...
  4. antonio107

    HDMI stretching app?

    Hey, I figured the surest way to get people talking about my thread was to whine about flash! ;)
  5. antonio107

    Amazon iPad Rival Tablet to Sell for “Hundreds Lessâ€

    With my new laptop, I find the number of niche things I use my iPad for dwindling and dwindling. It's basically a long battery life net browser, with add on movies and the occasional e-reading and glance at a newspaper. In retrospect it really wasn't worth the hundreds of dollars I paid for it...
  6. antonio107

    HDMI stretching app?

    Know what else the iPad doesn't do? Flash! OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? :mad: </joke>
  7. antonio107

    HDMI stretching app?

    Nope! My laptop also has HDMI, and it does stretching. I just thought it would be more convenient to do it on the iPad. Simply a matter of time before they do it proper! :)
  8. antonio107

    iClassics Brings Classical Music Discovery to the iPad

    I use splashtop to access my school's subscription to the Naxos Music Library. Better than this, I think!
  9. antonio107

    HDMI stretching app?

    I'm hoping that there is a hack for this! I want to watch Hulu and other online content through my flash browsers, but my stoopid TV won't lemme stretch the image output. My grandma's HDTV, yes, but not mine...:( I know that the YouTube and NetFlix apps have an auto-resize feature, so the...
  10. antonio107

    Microsoft Silverlight

    iPad can't do any the hell out of me why the cloud browsers can't also support Java and Silverlight.
  11. antonio107

    Any cloud browsers use Java?

    Or MS Silverlight, for that matter, but I'll take what I can get, hahaha.
  12. antonio107

    To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak that is the question

    I JB, even though I barely use any cydia apps. The little tweaks (like the ones to the spellchecker) made it worthwhile to me. That, and the principle of jumping the gated community! :)
  13. antonio107

    Any cloud browsers use Java?

    There's been a lot of buzz about cloud browsers that use Flash (obviously), but the ones that I've bought (Puffin and iSwifter) don't have Java, which a lot of my regular digs on the internet use. Splashtop and VNC apps are good enough when I'm at home, but neither is fast enough when I travel...
  14. antonio107

    Calendar/note taker that syncs with default calendar

    The preloaded calendar app on your iPad syncs with gmail. I didn't know, however, that your calendar had a notes feature!
  15. antonio107

    Ripping DVD on iPad 2

    Nero is rubbish; I think you're much better off downloading Handbrake to try it; it's easy to use!
  16. antonio107

    Still no Flash Support??

    I was hoping the JB would have a java virtual machine plug-in. Or one for Flash. Or Silverlight. No luck for a loaded browser, yet!
  17. antonio107

    iPad as reader

    I'm guessing iBooks use whatever default dictionary you have! So, make it French!
  18. antonio107

    iPad as reader

    Asides from putting down my iPad, and getting a paperback or my e-reader, no such luck. :D Seriously, though, is there no privacy filter for it? Like the ones they have for laptops? Those tend to be pretty good for glare. You can also use the smart cover as a canopy if you're right in the sun.
  19. antonio107

    iPad for Students

    I'm rather curious about this one. I love my iPad, and I'm also quite fond of my new laptop. But I can't see the iPad being a serious work tool, unless a bunch of them are connected together through a large network or something like that.
  20. antonio107

    Do you use the default 'Sent from my iPad' signature?

    I got flack for my e-mails always showing what device I was on, like I was showing off. Now, my Blackberry and my iPad both read, "Sent from my Atari" when I send an e-mail. It makes a great conversation piece! :)
  21. antonio107

    Apple LEAKS NEW iPod Touch 5G With 3G Service

    This. I understand the MINUTE differences between two such devices, but that's getting really niche now, come on...
  22. antonio107

    Facebook iPad App Code Discovered in Facebook iPhone App

    The iphone and BB apps by Facebook are glitchy and gross. I prefer Safari, but am hopeful that the Ipad app is better.
  23. antonio107

    Do you use a Keyboard?

    I have one that doubles as a stand, and a case. It's indispensible when i'm getting inundated with instant messages and e-mails while trying to goof off!
  24. antonio107

    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    It depends on whether I'm performing something or just using it for leisure. The apps I've found don't have very responsive editing features, and quickly realize that I'm used to a bigger page size than the iPad can offer! Will check out the AutoSongBook, though! :)
  25. antonio107

    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    Well, I'm a musician, so I save shelf space for scores, which have NOT yet transfered over to the tablet world properly. :)
  26. antonio107

    Blackberry Tethering

    Entirely dependent on your carrier. Rogers Canada does not charge me. I suspect that based on how you describe your plan, they would charge. I think it's worth looking into, though!
  27. antonio107

    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    Huh! Interesting! Definitely not the case with Kobo (run by Chapter's and Border's), where I get a lot of missing punctuation, lower case i's instead of lower case l's...things like that that really make you do double and triple takes! :confused:
  28. antonio107

    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    Well, in my experience with a Kobo, and ibooks on my iPad, they both handle relatively well with novels, or other books that you want to read from beginning to end in a straight line. However, most publishers make electronic copies by taking a printed manuscript, and just running it through a...
  29. antonio107

    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    I would not recommend getting any books with illustrations as an ebook. So, my guess would be no. Sorry!
  30. antonio107

    Blackberry Tethering

    If it has no hotspot, then how did you connect without PDAnet...?
  31. antonio107

    Present for a girl with an iPad?

    Walked to the cash register at Future Shop with a stylus, only to get her an App Store gift card instead. She was thrilled. I think it was a good call. :D
  32. antonio107

    My Review

    I use an iPad for all my asinine tomfoolery going about the internet. The laptop is the serious work machine. If you can't afford both, get a laptop. My ipad is like the little roadster you take out for a Sunday drive. You're not going to go grocery shopping in it day to day, and if you...
  33. antonio107

    Present for a girl with an iPad?

    I thought about that, but gift cards are kinda "meh." I want something more thoughtful! Rgsp, what do you mean by "back screen protector?" something for the metal backing so it doesn't get scratched?
  34. antonio107

    finally my iPad can help me lose weight

    Just don't eat your Ipad.
  35. antonio107

    Present for a girl with an iPad?

    It's my friend's birthday. She has an iPad she got for her graduation, and as far as I can tell, the only accessory she has for it is the smartcover. She wants to use it for school, and I wanna buy her something for it. In the $25-30 range. I thought of a stylus, but I never use mine, and I'm...
  36. antonio107

    KINDLE for IPAD2 question

    If you didn't purchase them, how did they get on your kindle? Are they public domain, or did they come loaded with the Kindle...?
  37. antonio107

    Blackberry Tethering

    Anyone? (courtesy bump)
  38. antonio107

    What are you reading now?

    "A stitch in time," part of the extended Star Trek: Deep Space Nine universe written by the guy who played Elim Garak. Why didn't DS9 ever get a movie...? :(
  39. antonio107

    Blackberry Tethering

    So would I! However, I still have the Bold 9700, and since my iPad is FINALLY jailbroken... I installed PDAnet just now. Version 2.3. I get this error message: I do have a Canadian carrier. I've no idea what the problem is. I've turned on APN following those settings, but I've no idea...
  40. antonio107

    China Has Fake Apple Stores as Well as Fake Apple Devices!

    Lol! How in the heck could they possibly get away with this? Asides from the logistics of running so big a con, it would collapse as soon as people got bootleg iPads that didn't work!