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    Serial number to a buyer

    I'm not aware of any scams...but that doesn't mean there aren't any. They could look up the sn at to see how much warranty is left.
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    IPad Newbie, Apple does not play well with others?

    There are some USB drives that are low power that will work but they are few and far between. Also, you can plug in a powered USB hub and usually read drives thru it. Even if you find a drive or use a hub, your still limited without a file browser. If your device is jailbroken, you can use...
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    64GB Model Usage

    I have about 15 GB free. I'd have much less than that if I didn't have NetFlix.
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    Ipad 2 vs Ipad 3

    Here's my take - I had both the iPad 2 and iPad 3 (after comparing them both side by side, I sold my iPad 2). I'm also a software engineer and have developed device drivers for S3, 3dfx, ATI, AMD, and Microsoft. The iPad 3 runs a little warmer than the 2. This is no big deal and is of no...
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    Creating Journals with iPhoto app for iPad

    Has anyone tried creating a journal and sharing it via iCloud with the new iPhoto app? When I create the journal, it looks fine on the iPad. I then selected share via iCloud and it renders the image. When finished, I emailed myself the link. When I open it up, I get corrupted/pixelated images...
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    "The Creeps! HD" game is a white screen

    Have you tried to reinstall the app?
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    Can't WiFi Sync

    Well, everything worked before, I did the jailbreak, and now it doesn't so that's leaning me towards something in the iPad/jailbreak. The iPad connects to everything else OK. It just seems like it's having an issue with home shareing or something. Since I can connect to my wifi and surf, I'm...
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    Can't WiFi Sync

    I'm having the same problem. I've also noticed that I can't connect to my appletv with the remote app and my airplay mirroring is not working. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Apps crashing lately

    I've noticed this as well. Since upgrading to iOS5, all of my apps crash more often. It's not an every day thing but I've noticed it. They always work fine when I re-open them. It's also apple supplied apps as well like mail, safari, the app store, etc. so it's not just a case of a 3rd...
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    tethered shooting with the ipad?

    I didn't think the iPad had a raw converter. Maybe it does now, or it's displaying the embedded jpg. I thought I remembered trying it once and I couldn't view the image. I apologize if I'm wrong.
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    Movie editing on iPad 2

    I've got iMovie and it's got issues. You can't edit anything except movies from the iPad (yes, I know there are workarounds but they are a pain in the butt). I also haven't found it very intuitive to use and have to result to looking for books etc. on how to operate it.
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    Printing App for iPad 2 & iPhone 4S

    FYI - I've got the Print n Share app. My printer is a Samsung CLP-620ND network laser printer. If I print directly from the iPad to the printer, it's black and white only with no duplexing or access to the advanced printer features but it does work. If I print to the webserver software...
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    tethered shooting with the ipad?

    I use ShutterSnitch and an eye-fi card with my iPad2. This set up supports RAW but you can't view them on the iPad so I don't send them. I use a D3 with 2 CF cards. One gets my raw images and the other is an eye-fi card in a CF adapter that receives jpgs and sends them to the iPad.
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    where are the 'clock' + 'calculator' apps gone?

    Do the 3rd party clock apps work in the background like the apple one does on the iPhone? If not, seems like they'd be kind of useless.
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    Ipad 2 case that holds stylus

    Hi everyone. I've been looking for a case for my iPad 2 that also holds a stylus. So far, I've not had much luck. Any links you can provide would be great. Thanks!