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    Vaja and Piel Frama Cover Pictures

    Received my Black Piel Frama cover from It is the one with the magnetic catch that was back-ordered. The cover, sitting on top of the box A close-up of the stitching The inside with the Piel Frama logo embossed within the leather Picture of the cover opened up The iPad...
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    Official Apple Ipad Warranty Legalese

    On Apple's website is posted the new warranty information (ver 2.0) for the ipad. Can be read here: Nice of them to post it before release of the product. Best to all!
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    Hello from northern California!

    Hello everybody and greetings from Sacramento! So glad I found this great and friendly ipad forum! I am brand new to the Apple world and wanted to jump in with the Apple ipad. I am a bit technologically challenged. I just turned 54, and I have never had a cell phone, laptop or crackberry. I do...