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  1. J

    Low Memory!! Is there an app for that?

    The app you're looking for is the checkout app to buy a bigger one. ;)
  2. J

    Ipad as phone?

    Try the Ooma app. I'm blown away at how good it sounds. I wrote more on ot here: Ooma Review iPad equipment and software
  3. J

    [TUT] How to Make a Sweet iPad Stylus [Tutorial]

    That thing looks like a wad of gum on the end of a pen.
  4. J

    iPad 4.2 OS Coming in November

    I'm hoping to have more control over the pad via bluetooth, I.E. issue voice commands, use it for a phone call, and answer calls after'push' notification using the bluetooth controls.
  5. J

    Ipad as phone?

    For making calls Ooma is the way to go: Ooma Review iPad equipment and software
  6. J

    iPad 4.2 OS Coming in November

    I'm looking to beable to use Bluetooth headset with my pad for voice applications like the Ooma phone: Ooma Review iPad equipment and software I'm so excited!
  7. J

    Transferring files without wifi/3g or iTunes?

    I 'print' PDF's to my iPad using drop box... I dont know if that would work for your requirement, but it may be worth looking into: Print to ipad iPad equipment and software
  8. J

    Second Gen iPad this year

    I think apple is busy for now with 'other' stuff. ;D
  9. J

    Multtiple Pop3 mail accts

    That candy side is AMAZING ;D or is important. Are all the accounts using the same mail server? Are you sure you have the same address? How are you configuring them, as POP or ??
  10. J

    How digitally sign PDFs on iPad

    iAnnotate PDF should do the trick.
  11. J


    Any Ooma users on these forums looking into using the Ooma app? If so, what are your plans for it? I.E. How does it fit into your arsenal and become useful? Regards,
  12. J

    Send emails

    LOL, Totally! To explain the method and calculation formula in its entirety complete with accepted variables, best practices, and assumptions would take days! :D Regards,
  13. J

    Four Security Tips for your iPad

    LOL, thanks for your positive view point! So true!
  14. J

    Have a question about downloading.

    hum... makes me curious to know how dropbox accounts would handle an MP3 file association from within the FREE dropbox app... May be worth a try. I'll give it a spin. Regards,
  15. J

    Have a question about downloading.

    If you stave the files not a publicly served page that you can access from a browser you can 'stream' the files, but I don't believe you can save them into your pad unless its through sync or iTunes. I hope to stand corrected, but don't think I will. Best of luck,
  16. J

    Send emails

    Knowing almost no details in still 98.64% sure it's a settings issue. Try this step-by-step and see if it works when you're finished. Configure multiple ipad email accounts iPad equipment and software Regards,
  17. J

    IPad sending email from wrong account

    It happens all the time? It happens when your sending from say an out going gmail account (as a failover in line with your outgoing accounts) when your primary for one account wont send. Say for example your comcast account is trying to send from your authenticated gmail account because your...
  18. J

    I am really excited about iBook os4

    Oh iBook...not OS4. I was confused! Thanks fir the clarification! I'm bitter though about os4 and the pad.
  19. J

    Mobile Me Calendar

    I do a free work around using Google that gives me colored items and synchs my Outlook calendar, to some web iCAL links and keeps them all linked together! It's perfect! Synching outlook, to Google calendar, and multiple Google calendars to the iPad calendar iPad equipment and software
  20. J

    Best IPAD apps for IT prof

    I use activeCollab it's a webbased PM application but its GREAT with the pad.. not an 'app' per say, but great. I blogged a bit about it and other ways I use the pad professionaly here: Blog iPad equipment and software
  21. J

    I am really excited about iBook os4

    Chaw... right. iPad owners have to wait... :( I hope to have the pad read the book to me... that would be sweet. In fact if it would read through my 'iPod' so that I can use 1.5 speed that would be great! Regards,
  22. J


    Follow these instructions step-by-step and you'll be fine (should be fine) ;). Email was one of the most frustrating things for me when I got my first iPhone. Regards,
  23. J

    Need Help With Mail

    Try this Configure multiple ipad email accounts iPad equipment and software it's for people that are having a hard time setting up email on the ipad. Sometimes the problem is because of trying to set up more than one account with different port settings.... Anyway if you follow the...
  24. J

    Will you buy 2nd gen?

    I most likley will get the 2nd gen... It depends on what Apple adds, however, I'd be supprised if they werent able to get me! LOL I hope they learn a lot about what people want and react.
  25. J

    irobot apad

    You know, I'd love to hold one of these and play with it thoguh. If someone wanted to gift me with one I'd LOVE the opportunity to do a side by side with the iPad.
  26. J

    Problem sincing Bluetooth on 3G model

    I've not gotten them to pass voice from any of the SIP apps I use. It's a bummer, let me know if you get something that works. It would be worth it's weight in Gold.... well not that much, but would be valuable! ;)
  27. J

    irobot apad

    haha, interesting but you could not get me to touch it with YOUR barge pole!
  28. J

    Online music with Ipad ?

    +1 for
  29. J

    IPAD Google Maps

    I dont think I understand what you want to do... What is the secinario?
  30. J

    How To Wirelessly Sync Google Calendar with iPad Calendar?

    Jad Rather than troubleshoot I'd say delete everything and start over. It may be a missed step OR a weird configuration. So save yourself the headache and start over! Follow my steps above your last post and you will be fine.
  31. J


    Yes I waited for the 3G. I need to be connected! ;) Also it's a business machine and a project notebook for me. So I dodge around looking for wifi. ;)
  32. J

    Before I go out and buy an iPad...

    It's quite basic, deciding which to get. If you're a heavy media user and need everything all the timem (music movies pictures) and don't want to juggle them between a machine and the pad OR don't want "stuff" on the cloud, get a bigger one (I.E 64G). Next do you need to be connected more often...
  33. J

    iPad as a printer replacement

    Deenybird, Did you select (ADD LOCAL PRINTER) this will be the printer you specify for printing ‘to your iPad’. Then select, (CREATE A NEW TYPE OF PORT) here you’ll select (LOCAL PORT) and provide the path to the Dropbox folder you’ll be printing to? Hope that helps! Regards,
  34. J

    I really miss these 2 icons

    Man, I miss the calculator and the alarm! :(
  35. J

    iPad as a printer replacement

    All, I put up a video on youtube showing how the 'print to ipad' tutorial works out... Let me know your thoughts. I've really been enjoying printing documents to the pad. YouTube - PrintToIpad.wmv Thanks, John
  36. J

    One thing that Android does MUCH better than Apple

    Interesting. I don't buy or download many apps. But I agree with everything said above. Good thread.
  37. J

    iPad as a printer replacement

    Printing to iPad LOL no doubt. Send it as an end of month bill with screen captures of all the printouts in a rotating slide show! ;) that's smooth... You COULD however send less "things" to your printer this way and save a few bucks a year on paper. If your like me and print lots of...
  38. J

    Silly email app question

    You still maintain a copy on the server though... Just to add clarification.
  39. J

    iPad as a printer replacement

    Omro did you try it?
  40. J

    Finally got it!

    Rockin, looking forward to your review. What purpose did you purchase it for, business or pleasure? Regards,