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    2 become 1

    I just realize that you can put 2 apps together in one folder. Try to delete an app (don't delete it). When it starts to wiggle, drag an app to another app. A new folder is created with those two apps. You can add more apps on that folder again by repeating the process. You can rename the...
  2. Q

    Ipad name changed

    The name of my iPad changed on my laptop after my nephew connected his ipad to my laptop. Can't changed the name anymore. It reads my iPad as my nephew's iPad.
  3. Q

    App Market

    Hy can't I access. Is everyone having the same problem? Sigh.
  4. Q

    Cheap back cover

    Can anyone here suggest a much more practical (in terms of price) back cover that is sturdy and perfectly fits an iPad 2? I'm not a fan of the expensive brands. I like to change color depending the mood I'm into.
  5. Q

    Samsung SMART TV and iPad

    Is this two compatible? Do I still need an AppleTV?
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    Bluetooth Keyboard

    Do I really need one or is it just a want thing for you guys. I would appreciate it much why you have this. Thanks.