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  1. joeyteel

    Wow, you have reached the maximum APTs?

    I never said the packages were duplicated 7 times. They're only duplicated twice in the package list because I use the same IDs as the official repos with an extra tag on it to show it's from the local repo. I kept the official repos because I like keeping up with what is getting updated/added...
  2. joeyteel

    Wow, you have reached the maximum APTs?

    For the record, I know of one lay to legitimately hit that limit. I run a custom repo that is hosted locally that I keep updated with the packages that I and my fiancée use the most often to save bandwidth (one download vs 7 for most items :P) and as a result we hit that limit because of some...
  3. joeyteel


    Is there a particular reason you can't/won't use WiFi?
  4. joeyteel

    Strange memory behaviour on my 1 year old ipad 2 (see screenshot) please help

    On Windows it's 15%, on Linux it mostly depends on the underlying filesystem what works best but 10% is generally the norm there as well :) All those assume a traditional hard drive though. SSDs can usually get by with less freespace. On the two iPad's I've had 1GB seems to be the bare minimum...
  5. joeyteel

    Lost calendar info from 25 december 2012- 3 March 2013

    I can't comment one way or the other about using the cloud too much since I make regular backups on my laptop and only use icloud as a secondary backup for cases where my primary isn't available. That said I've not personally had any issues for the most part except one minor incident involving...
  6. joeyteel

    Encrypted vs. non-encrypted backup in size

    In your iTunes preferences on the Devices section you can delete the backup and force it to make a new one. However it's not unusual for an iTunes backup to shrink when encrypted (although your difference does seem a bit extreme) because the encryption process does compress the data some as a...
  7. joeyteel

    I have an IPad 3 and was wondering if i can 'find my iPad via my Motorola Android 4G

    I know it's possible on some Android tablets to do it that way so in theory at least it should work on an Android phone as well :)
  8. joeyteel

    conecting the ipad to internet via ethernet, or not

    That's not entirely true. Many manufactures have different vendor IDs in the MAC address of their wireless routers vs. their other hardware so it is possible in some cases. It's also possible to easily detect an iPad with basic packet inspection of Http requests. Actually, if they cared it's...
  9. joeyteel

    How to sign up on app store without credit card?

    Yep, that's how it works with the exception of gifting. Gifting will always use your normal payment method instead of your gift card balance.
  10. joeyteel

    Excel on iPad

    There is a macro builtin to that spreadsheet that wants to hook into the Excel window to watch for certain events. Those events aren't supported by the web version, and probably not any app on the iPad unless it's an app like Onlive that gives you access to a real (if slightly restricted)...
  11. joeyteel

    Settings icon says Ar...r??.

    I've seen that 3 times. I won't discuss one since the person whose device it was is currently doing jail time for reasons related to it. The other two times I saw it one was because of a configuration profile that had expired but didn't auto-delete and the other was because the device was jail...
  12. joeyteel

    Unable to turn passcode off/turn off erase data

    Out of curiosity is there anything listed in the setting app under General > Profiles? It sounds like a [possibly] corrupt profile was added to the device.
  13. joeyteel

    Help/ forum app

    There were quite few last time I search both apps. If you like the IPF app I recommend trying Forum Runner first since the IPF app is just an IPF only version of Forum Runner :)
  14. joeyteel


    Actually, it says not supported, not that it won't work. They definitely won't provide you any support if you can't reproduce the problem on the same device without the jailbreak :)
  15. joeyteel

    Camera quirk

    Sounds like you accidentally started the Photo Booth app :) It's an icon with red curtains on it. My nieces and nephew love taking pictures with it and filling up my free space :P
  16. joeyteel

    Help with a syncing problem

    Actually, that sounds normal. My personal experience is that iTunes will refuse to sync videos when it will cause the free space to drop below approx. 400MB. Apps like avplayerhd don't have that minimum free space restriction unless they choose to implement it, so you can get more on there :)
  17. joeyteel

    Help with a syncing problem

    You would have to reduce the video quality to reduce the file size. If you're doing the ripping yourself, try playing with the quality settings in the app you use until you find a good trade off between video quality and file size.
  18. joeyteel

    How to transfer tv shows to dropbox

    In the iTunes app on the device there are 3 buttons at the top of the purchased screen in the black bar for switching between Music, Movies, and TV Shows. They're easy to miss. I missed them the first few times I was looking for a way to see the Videos I purchased :) They blend into the toolbar...
  19. joeyteel

    Slow transfer speeds - only on iPad

    The easiest way is this: lspci -m Run that in the shell and look for lines that start with Ethernet Controller.
  20. joeyteel

    Slow transfer speeds - only on iPad

    Really odd question, but your NAS doesn't happen to be using an Intel Ethernet chipset does it?
  21. joeyteel

    Slow transfer speeds - only on iPad

    I use File Browser as well, and I never had to change any settings in the current versions of Samba to get it to work properly. You definitely shouldn't need to change the socket options. How did you configure File browser to connect. Did you use an IP address or hostname? A
  22. joeyteel

    My iPad is not recognize by my computer as a device.Please help!!

    Uninstall both iTunes and the Apple Mobile Device Support software (in that order). Reboot the computer with no apple devices connected and reinstall iTunes. That will reinstall the necessary drivers and allow the device to be recognized again :)
  23. joeyteel

    Problem with iBooks

    Huh, weird. Mine doesn't have a purchased books collection (even with the settings back on the defaults), just Books and PDFs. I do see the purchased books collection on my phone though...
  24. joeyteel


    Skull One is mostly correct. If you have both an iPhone and iPad signed into the same iCloud account you can send and receive at your iPhone's number, but otherwise you have to use your email address. By default your Apple ID is the only address configured to receive iMessages on an iPad...
  25. joeyteel

    App updates

    Is it prompting for a password for your son's ID after you tell it to update? if so, just get your son's password, or have him enter it and it will update the app. The iPad will ask for the password for any apps on the device that aren't owned by the account currently logged in to the App Store...
  26. joeyteel

    Transferring music to ipad3

    Project37, that is a lot of unnecessary work. ollyw, sorry I didn't reply sooner, I can give you a couple of different sets of directions depending on how your computers are setup and how comfortable you are with configuring them. First, if all the media you want in both libraries is purchased...
  27. joeyteel

    Problem with iBooks

    If I understand what you're asking correctly, the new version shows everything you've purchased in the iBookstore in your library by default. Items not on the device will have a downward pointing arrow you can tap to download them. If you don't want those shown go to Settings App > iBooks and...
  28. joeyteel

    Pop-Up "invalid exchange password" notices

    You said you changed your gmail password, so I'm going to take a guess here that your gmail account on your iPad is seup as an exchange account. If so, the iPad is telling you that you need to update your password in the Settings app :) Edit: forgot, but if gmail disables your account for...
  29. joeyteel

    What's Happening with the key below the shift key???

    It depends on where you're typing. In the case of the two screen shots you provided one is the Email address keyboard,and only has the left one so that extra email related keys are available. The other screen shot is the default keyboard you get if the area you're typing in doesn't have a...
  30. joeyteel

    I book library

    AH! I know what's happening then. Books purchased from the iBookstore in the newest version show up in your library even when deleted unless you change a setting. The book is being deleted. If you want iBooks to revert to the old behavior close ibooks and remove it from the multitask bar as...
  31. joeyteel

    I book library

    Actually, everything in his screenshot is the same as yours, just restrictions have been enabled and a pass code set. Unless something further down the page was changes his settings aren't restricting anything right now as the defaults allow everything same as no password. Question for the op...
  32. joeyteel

    Find my ipad

    As long as the device is in range of a wifi network it has previously connected to AND you have push notifications enabled it will check for new push notifications every so often and it will update it's location at that time if Find my IPad is enabled. If it's a 3G Model as long as it can get...
  33. joeyteel

    iPad2 Safari VPN setting for transmit ALL data stream equivalent setting in PC Safari

    The PC equivalent is "Use Default Gateway on remote network" for most versions of windows. Other OSes it will depend on the client being used.
  34. joeyteel

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Actually, that works on any vBulletin based forum, and is a very useful tip especially if you use apps like Tapatalk or Forum Runner that don't allow disabling smilies on a per post basis :)
  35. joeyteel

    Unable to delete email

    I've seen that behavior before with a POP3 account. Try doing a reset by holding down the Sleep + Home it tons until the apple logo appears. Then load the Mail app. Wait for it check your account and for the network activity indicator to stop as well. After that, try deleting just one email...
  36. joeyteel

    Transferring music to ipad3

    As long as you follow the terms of use (same household) and iTunes is authorized for both accounts you can put music/apps from both accounts in one library and have them on the same device. I personally have music from 3 different iTunes accounts on my iPad, and my fiancé (who lives with me)...
  37. joeyteel

    Unable to sync with iTunes after update to latest OS vers

    Try this: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings You'll have to enter your wifi details again, but that fixes the problem you're having for most people :)
  38. joeyteel

    File Sharing Missing in iTunes

    You can't rearrange them, but deleting them is possible. It's not immediately obvious how to do it, but all you have to do is click on the document you want to delete in the list and press Delete on your keyboard :)
  39. joeyteel

    File Sharing Missing in iTunes

    Click on your device, and click the Apps tab at top. You should see two sections, one to select the apps that are synced to the device, and at the bottom (you'll probably have to scroll it) you should see a list of apps that have sharing enabled :)
  40. joeyteel

    Already have Docs to Go on my Droid.....using Quickoffice on Ipad?

    Ah. In theory, no reason it shouldn't work as long as the documents are word documents and not in the google docs format. Quickoffice can be flakey when dealing with the native google format. That being said I personally haven't had problems with DTG and editing documents on google drive and I...