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  1. Gracie1982

    App Store is gone...

    Hi guys. I just wanna ask how can i restore my App Store icon in my Ipad 2? I can't up date any of my apps anymore coz i can't find the Appstore icon. I already look everywhere even in the settings. I can't upload new apps either. Its so frustrating its like im stuck of what i have installed in...
  2. Gracie1982

    Timer for my Ipad2?

    Hi. I really need your help. I have an ipad 2 but my son is using is all the time. He is autistic and he really loves watching videos on youtube. But he likes using it for a long time every day and i really want to limit the time. The problem is he will always have a melt down every time i will...
  3. Gracie1982

    Printing pics.

    How can I print my pictures from my iPad 2? I got a cannon 3 in 1 printer.
  4. Gracie1982

    How to delete folders in my photos?

    Hi....just w Need help on how to delete my other folders in my photos?
  5. Gracie1982

    How to change broken screen of ipad2

    My son just broke my ipad2 by dropping it. Is there anyway to fix it? How much? How long will it take?
  6. Gracie1982

    Lost My Youtube Icon

    Since I updated my iPad 2 to ios6 I already lost my YouTube icon...I felt sad because my 2 year old son likes to watch his show in my iPad and he already know how to operate it..he just click the history there it is. No need to help him find his show. But now he can't do it anymore.
  7. Gracie1982

    Eye protector....

    Hello guys...just wanna ask if there is an accessories that will protect our eyes from the radiation that comes from the screen of our iPads? My 2 years old toddler always used my iPad 2 to watch his fave show but I am concern that it might not be good for his eyes? Any suggestions pls?
  8. Gracie1982

    Do i need to buy more storage for my ipad2?

    Have a 64gb iPad 2. But it already said that I don't have enough storage memory? I am confuse coz I only have few apps in my iPad how come I already need to buy more storage for back up? Pls help me understand. Do I really have to buy more storage?
  9. Gracie1982

    How to delete an album to my photos?

    Hi I really need help about deleting my folders in my iPad. I need more storage so I have to delete some of my pictures but i really don't know how. I just know how to delete individual picture but not an album. Pls help!
  10. Gracie1982

    How to make a new folder?

    I save a lot of pics in my iPad and I want to separate them into folder so it will be easy for me to look for a particular picture. Pls help.
  11. Gracie1982

    How many do u charge ur ipad in a day?

    Just had my iPad 2 2 months ago. I used my iPad for watching videos on YouTube for my 2 years old baby.he loves watching his fave show. But I have noticed that my iPad is already almost low bat at the end of the day so I have to charge it mostly everyday. Is this normal? Pls let me know.
  12. Gracie1982

    Best application for calling and txting?

    My ipad2 is still new i dont have much applications yet. Just wanna ask what is a good app for txting and calling? Is there app that not only send txt and call but also you can send pictures? Just wondering.
  13. Gracie1982

    Need anti virus app.

    I got my iPad last December and I heard that I need to have an anti virus app for my iPad 2....I don't know any of this app. I'm still trying to figure out my iPad so still don't have any idea pls!
  14. Gracie1982

    Im so new here in this forum...dont know what to do.

    I'm so happy with my new iPad. My hubby gave it to me last Christmas. So wonderful!