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  1. crawdad62

    How has your iPad changed the way you use your other devices?

    I don't use my iPhone as much. I used to have the phone laying on the coffee table while I was watching TV so I could check IMDB or something. Now the iPad is there and much easier. On a side note I was looking through a magazine the other day and there was an ad that had a video type window...
  2. crawdad62

    Official iPad Owners List

    64GB WiFi here.
  3. crawdad62

    Thoughts on the iPad - Three Weeks Later

    Pretty fair assessment. One thing that's always been a downside of Apple products is the price. One that you alluded to. However that being said it's really just an "entrance fee" rather than an "Apple tax." I've always been an Apple user. Apple product usually have an insane resale value. I had...
  4. crawdad62

    Should I get the 3G or Wi-Fi model?

    I went through the something..... trying to choose which one. We vacation a couple times a year. It would be nice but most of the time I have WiFi anyway. I ended up getting the WiFi but maxing out to 64GB's for what I was going to spend on a 32GB 3G (actually $30 cheaper). The GPS would be...
  5. crawdad62

    Apple Culture Shock

    I kind of agree. If I were so enamored with the open source movement I don't think I'd be into buying an Apple product let alone one like the iPad. I thought that's what everyone does. I've never read through a EULA in my life. I might skim through it but read it completely? Nope.
  6. crawdad62

    In for a penny, in for... about $1000!

    Get you one of THESE and you'll have a bit more cable to play with. AT&T not working? Web based? IMAP? POP? Should work with any of them. If I were you I'd go through set up again. Probably just erred entering some of the settings.
  7. crawdad62

    I HATE screen protectors

    I know one thing about them. They're outrageously priced for what you receive. I ordered and received the Speakeasy Nude and it came with a protector. I haven't received the iPad yet so I figure I'll put it on right for the start when I pull of the protective film that the iPad ships with...
  8. crawdad62

    I'm here passing time.

    Waiting for my 64GB Wifi iPad to arrive. Actually this looks like a great site and that's the reason I registered. I found this because I Googled "Lantau Island Hong Kong" and one of the hits was this site mentioning iPad tracking. That's exactly why I was searching Lantau Island. That's where...