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  1. K

    Beware of CRACKLE!

    I know there have been some warnings about Cracle and its location usage, but I haven't seen this one: Half way through the billing cycle my daughter got the "usage warning email." She had been running the battery down more than usual, too. I found that the GPS was on, but I couldn't find...
  2. K

    Problem entering text in a 'Net forum w/iPad 2

    There is one forum (FJRForum) that I'm on that I cannot enter text in. When I tap the text window, unlike other text windows that bring up the keyboard, nothing happens. This occurs with every app I've tried - Safari, Atomic Lite, Atomic full, IPB, and possibly a couple of others. These same...
  3. K

    Sync'ing iPhone/iPad

    I want to mirror my iPhone with my iPad. I've been successful except for my notes in the native Apple app, my contacts, and my Audible books. Any ideas? (The Audible books show up in iTunes with the iPad connected, but they won't transfer. I guess that could be an Audible book thing...)
  4. K

    iPad Newbie...

    Hi. I've got my iPad 2 64GB 3G on order from AT&T. I ordered it on 3/18 with a 20-25 WORKING day delivery :( so I'm also on the prowl to see if I can find one sooner. :) I pretty much stayed away from Apple (didn't want to have to figure out another OS) until I got hooked on the iPhone a...