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    Synched Movies Don't Show Up on iPad

    I have several movies that I have synched up with my iPad but only about half of them actually appear on the iPad. All the movies are either MPEG4-Movie File or MPEG4-Video. The movies that do show up on the iPad are a mix of both formats so that doesn't seem to be the issue. All the movies...
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    Installing non-App Store Apps on iPad

    Will it be possible to install applications published outside the App Store on the iPad? I want to tether my new iPad to my Droid by using PDANet which must be downloaded from the vendor's website to the iPad. I've read a few articles and forum posts which indicate this might be possible but...
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    Unlocked iPad - What's The Point?

    If ATT is the only choice for wireless and Apple will not allow a tethering application on the App Store, what's the point of an unlocked iPad? Can someone please explain to me what Apple's thinking here is??
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    Convergence: A Wish List

    We appear to be standing on the precipice of a paradigm shift in the way we interact with technology. The signs are all around us – look at Microsoft’s Surface Table which targets collaborative design work, product presentation and merchandising applications. Surface, along with the soon-to-be...
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    Hello, my name is Lesley and I am the proud owner of a iPad WiFi/3G 65G iPad pre order. I am so excited to get my hands on my iPad as are the people I work with. I have been told that I "must" bring that new puppy to work as soon as it arrives. Like many of you, I did a lot of research and...