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    Ipad 3 case that works similarly to original Apple Case

    I contacted Targus support about my Slim Case not working as a smart cover and got a reply that they will ship me a tested replacement in 6-8 weeks. I don't have to ship them my current case, they just needed a copy of the receipt and my shipping address. I think this is a pretty good way for...
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    Stylus / pen for ipad 2 and mic for recording

    +1 for BoxWave stylus. No idea about a mic.
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    Targus Versavu 3rd Gen iPad Case......

    They probably pulled that info from the product pages after they found out. Their case comparison chart still lists magnetic on/off as a feature:
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    Targus Versavu 3rd Gen iPad Case......

    Same problem with Targus Slim Case. I can get it to work if I move the front flap around a little, but it can easily slip out of perfect position and turn the iPad back on. For now I've disable smart cover in settings.
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    Cool stuff with 2 ipads

    Talking Tom vs Talking Tom is always fun.
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    I hope there is no back light bleeding in ipad 3

    I have a slight bit of bleeding along the bottom edge, so minimal that it doesn't bother me. No dead pixels in sight (though they would be so small I probably couldn't see them :P).
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    Ipad 3 case that works similarly to original Apple Case

    I ended up getting the Targus Slim Case. As expected, it is very similar to the original Apple case. Rather than sliding your iPad into the case, you place the iPad down and three corners of the case lightly latch on. This should allow for easier cleaning of the full surface of the screen, as...
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    Ipad 3 case that works similarly to original Apple Case

    I too love my iPad 1 Apple Case. I'm going with the Targus Slim Case since that seems to be the closest match.
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    Virtual City HD for iPad Out Now

    Yep, screw them, especially with the iPad version of Sim City Deluxe around the corner.
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    Comic Book Reader with iTunes Playback Functionality Launched

    The iPod app has always been allowed multitasking on the iPad despite the lack of iOS4 multitasking. This is more commonly used in games since it's fun to listen to your own music while killing whatever (I do this in Nova HD). Personally, unless you're listening to a manga's drama cd, I wouldn't...
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    OS 3.2.1 is out!!

    Updated without any issues. My iPad was jb in the past, but I had performed a recovery mode restore a while ago and so my iPad was a born again virgin before updating. So far it seems the wifi problems have been fixed. I was losing wifi connectivity every few minutes and would have to...
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    Uses of a remote desktop client

    With RDP you take control of a computer. Think of the iPad as just peripherals of that computer... the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Whatever you do through RDP is not actually being performed on the iPad but rather on the computer you are connected to. You could control a torrent program on...
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    Best PDF editor

    I have iAnnotate and at first had problems with seeing the annotations on emailed pdfs. Later I found out my problem was that I was using Adobe Reader v8.x (which they say is supported, but it wasn't working for me). When I updated to Adobe Reader v9 I could read emailed annotations no problem...
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    Adding new files/apps to pre-owned iPad

    My Dad and I do the same thing. He has an iPhone and I have an iPad. He authorized his iTunes account with the laptop I use to sync with my iPad and I am able to download any app he has already purchased (which is great cause he had already bought LogMeIn Ignition, a $30 universal app). Note...
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    iPad and USB flash memory card

    Just create a DCIM folder in the root of the usb drive and copy your images/videos into that folder. This tricks the iPad into thinking it is connected to a camera. Also note that a usb drive will not work if it draws too much power from the iPad. This probably isn't a problem for thumb...
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    connection kit problems

    Make sure the photos and/or videos are located in a DCIM folder in the root of the sd card.
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    How to add a wallpaper to my ipad

    1. Start Safari and browse to the wallpaper you want from ipadforums 2. Hold your finger on the wallpaper and a box will pop up to save the picture 3. Go to Settings -> Brightness and Wallpaper -> Load the wallpaper from your saved album -> Set if you want it for lock screen, home screen, or both
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    Top 5 “Must Do†iPad Security Tips

    From what I've read there are no known security attacks that use the ICC-ID, so I don't think we will need to have our sim cards swapped out. If such an attack does come about then AT&T is going to have an even bigger mess to deal with.
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    Here's why iPad internet surfing suck - Another Opinion

    I'm happy with the iPad as a web surfing device. That was one of the main reasons I wanted an iPad... I like to check a few web sites throughout the day but didn't like having to take my laptop in/out of suspension. With the iPad it's instant on, check some web sites, then instant off. Of...
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    Password Manager

    I've heard apps that allow password autofill (only one I can think of off the top of my head is 1password) don't work too well, so you are better off looking for the best password app ignoring the autofill feature. This is especially true for sites like banks where the login takes multiple pages...
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    AT&T Looking For Ways To Help Customers Who Want to Lock In Unlimited 3G Data Plan Be

    If AT&T wanted people to have the unlimited plan they wouldn't have eliminated it.
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    What app should I use for taking notes with a stylus?

    My boxwave stylus arrived today (that was fast, I used the cheapest shipping and my order from Sunday 6/6 arrived Thursday 6/10). The tip of it is kind of like an air-filled rubber ball (I got that description from another reviewer, but it really fits well). Very sturdy, easily glides across the...
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    What app should I use for taking notes with a stylus?

    I read up on all other iPad stylus's (styli?) before choosing the boxwave. The next best stylus I read about was the pogo sketch, but some iPad users had complained that the tip of the pogo breaks off quickly. I think the boxwave is newer and, as such, there aren't many user reviews for it, but...
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    What app should I use for taking notes with a stylus?

    I've heard Penultimate is the best stylus note taking app. I already bought it and am waiting for my boxwave stylus to arrive.
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    Ipad os update

    I think different people are having different issues depending on the wifi network they're on. For me, I use my iPad at home with a static ip and wpa2 and the wifi disconnects every 20 mins or so. I have to go to the Settings app and manually select my wifi network to reconnect (even though I...
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    Ipad os update

    Oops, didn't notice you were the one asking me for the source in all caps... thought it was the op (which would have been a jerk move). Tee-hee :P
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    Ipad os update

    On stage: Apple iPhone 4.0 Event Coverage - A new chapter in the iPhone OS update saga is about to be written - Softpedia
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    Which iPad apps you are playing?

    I think you wasted your money on Angry Birds HD. The iPhone version looks and plays just fine on the iPad at 2x. Let's see, I've been playing: iPhone games on iPad: Ragdoll Blaster 2, Wurdle, Angry Birds, A4ER, Paper Toss (free) iPad games: NOVA HD, Mirror's Edge (finished it), Pinball HD...
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    Xilisoft iPad Video Converter 6

    I don't use Xilisoft, but why is 720x576 even a setting? That's not 4:3 or 16:9, and even DVD quality is only 480p so why would they expand the height by 176px? Maybe you should look for a different video converter...
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    Ipad os update

    Steve Jobs has stated the Fall ios4 release for iPad in one of his conferences a while back. I would be happy if they released the wifi patch already... I don't want to wait for ios4 just to get the iPad wifi problems fixed.
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    Have a question about downloading.

    If you want to download a mp3 from the web you can use iCabMobile ($1.99), a Safari alternative that allows you download any type of file (also has real tabs and a bunch of other features that Safari doesn't have). You could then transfer the downloaded mp3 to a music playback app. The iPod app...
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    Apps for people in IT

    +1 for LogMeIn Ignition I use VNC Viewer (from the people behind Real VNC) for systems that don't support LogMeIn (i.e. Linux). Also nice to have an ssh client. I have the iPhone app TouchTerm... haven't bothered looking for an iPad ssh app. And for storing all those logins and other sensitive...
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    This is for all of the "free" book website spammer people:

    Thanks, never noticed that yellow button.
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    Playing .avi on Ipad

    My iPad isn't jb anymore, but I believe they sell a port of vlc in the jb app store. That should allow you to play .avi files. yxplayer was also just released in the offical app store and is supposed to support divx/xvid, but I've heard the current video playback is hit or miss and that it...
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    To those with the camera kit...when you download pics to your iPad...

    When you connect your iPad to your computer with the sync cable the iPad will show up as an external drive (like any other external storage). If you browse to it using Windows Explorer or Linux Nautilus or whatever file explorer is running on your os, you will be able to access all of your pics...
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    This is for all of the "free" book website spammer people:

    I've seen people in other boards asking "should I subscribe to this?" so I'm sure the scammers are getting through to some people. This board could use a report thread and user feature. And a sticky that there is no such thing as an unlimited book subscription.
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    Anyone here using the Apple TV out cables?

    I bought the overpriced Apple video cable for my 6th gen iPod, and it works great with the iPad. I think it was like $45, but at the time there were no other companies that had the Apple video lockout chipset. -Edit- Talking about this cable...
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    Connecting external hd

    The answer to your question is "kinda". You will need to buy the camera connection kit (CCK). You can then connect a usb drive through the CCK to the iPad. However, the CCK was only designed for interfacing with a camera so in order to connect an external drive you must trick the iPad into...
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    Comiczeal 4 app faulty / unresponsive

    The latest version of ComicZeal that was released about 2 days ago has some issues. I'm guessing you enabled "hide arrow" so you can't access the menu anymore through that button. I think you only have two choices as this point: 1) Don't use ComicZeal until the bugs in the current release get...
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    Backup Slow? Toggle it On and Off!

    I don't think so. I think every time you sync with iTunes it will automatically run a backup. I've been using this program since I got my iPad a month ago. Because my iPad has a crazy amount of manga image scans on it (probably close to 100k by now) a full backup takes forever... last time I...