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  1. Crimguy

    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    Got the email yesterday (5/18). Reserved on 5/2. I don't have the money. Of course I'm a financial dullard and will get it anyway this morning ;-D
  2. Crimguy

    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    I'm not asking them anymore. I put my reservation in on 5/2 and have received no notices. I'm half expecting to never get a notice. Not to worry though - I used the money to pay bills/credit card :-D
  3. Crimguy

    Official iPad Pre-order List

    Does not bode well for the morons like me who only ordered at the store (on 5/2 for me). Still no word and I'm not exactly holding my breath. I spent most of the money on booze anyway ;-D
  4. Crimguy

    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    Went on the list on 5/2 at the Apple store in the Biltmore, PHoenix. Still nothing, but I'm hopeful something comes by the weekend.
  5. Crimguy

    DVD to iPad

    Handbrake is available on Windows as well. The most recent version is almost as good as the Mac version. Fully serviceable though.
  6. Crimguy

    Is there a point of having an iPad if you own an iPhone

    I have an iPhone and a Macbook. And I'm still excited to have the ipad for reading, media, etc.
  7. Crimguy

    Has anyone gone in and reserved since Friday?

    I have been popping into the apple store a few times to hopefully snag a 3G as it comes off the truck, to no avail. I was in the Biltmore store this morning and reserved one and received a confirmation email stating they'll let me know when it arrives. Has anyone, who has reserved since...
  8. Crimguy

    iPad 3g availability in-store?

    Hi all - first post. Curious whether anyone has found stock of the iPad 3g at either Best Buy or Apple stores? Here in AZ, I'm told they are sold out statewide. . . thought I'd be "smart" and just waltz in yesterday (and today!) and get one, but was disappointed to find out that they're sold...