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    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    It just looks like a poor quality picture you've used for the lock screen. Do you get those marks with the standard factory lock screen? It's clearly not a display problem as its shown up on a screen shot.
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    Overlooked feature of the new iPad

    My iPad and iPhone Bluetooth up to my car stereo but to be honest the sound quality is far better when plugged in. Hence I plug it in. Also my head unit controls my I devices when plugged in... When i use Bluetooth I can't search by album, artist, playlist, song...etc.
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    iPad 3 impression...sorely disappointed!

    I've found the new screen is very noticeable. Maybe you should see about having your eyes looked at? Fonts a much more rounded.It looks lovely. To anyone who says it isn't worth the only costs approx £150 to upgrade so it hardly breaks the bank. If your eyesight is dodgy...