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    So, who will dump the ipad3 to get a mini?

    No way! Going from an iPad 3 to a mini will be a hefty downgrade. It'll be great for folks just getting into the tablet market and for casual users.
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    Please suggest a case that fits my wants

    Check out the Targus Vuscape. It fulfills all of the criteria you listed. I've had mine since the new iPad was launched and it's held up well. It's the main case that houses my iPad.
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    Stand Review : Adjustable Stand Desktop Holder, ipad2 & 3

    Excellent review! This is the perfect complement to Rain Design's M stand that I have for my macbookpro. Looks like its going on the short list of accessories to buy. Thanks again!
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    New iPad and earbuds

    1) This, and the fact that earbuds/mic come standard with all cell phones nowadays for hands free usage. 2) Understandable that headphones come with mp3 players because their main function is to play music. However, the iPad is used in varied ways similar to that of a computer. Not many laptops...
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    Best Video editing App

    Thanks for that link. Got a couple of good ideas there!
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    The thing I most dislike about my iPad is.......

    The coating only lasts a couple of weeks? I could understand if the screen was cleaned with something other than a microfiber cloth (and a drop of water). I've had the 3rd gen iPad since launch, used on a daily basis and the screen is still as slick as it was on day 1. When the screen...
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    You're in luck! You can get cameras nowadays for even less than $100 that are better than the iPad 3's camera. Any Canon point & shoot over 5 megapixels will fit the bill (I saw one at RadioShack on sale for $59). Best Buy has a ton of cameras that have more than twice the resolution and are...
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    Notating changes on pdf's

    Yes, Notability lets you zoom in on a PDF and draw or type directly on it.
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    Dictation Tips and Tricks

    This is excellent! I've never really used the dictation feature on my iPad, but now I'm gonna try it out more.
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    Look what I made for under $50!

    Wow, pretty good work! Did you get the parts from other pieces of equipment or did you buy them "ala carte"? Or a combination of both? And yes, please post a write-up, I'm thinking of building one myself. You should also re-post this in the DIY Forum.
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    iPad waterproof case...

    Well, since we're on the subject of waterproof cases, LifeProof just announced their iteration for the iPad: The Nuud, available sometime in July. Get this... It has no screen protector! It uses a vacuum-sealed gasket around the screen and an o-ring for the headphone jack. Probably not intended...
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    Screen protector

    Well, apparently LifeProof is pretty confident with the durability of gorilla glass that they've decided to omit a screen protector from their upcoming Nuud waterproof case for the iPad. Okay, that was just my opinion, but it seems like a plausible reason. Maybe you can use this new case with...
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    Running multiple programmes on ipad

    Are you streaming from an app or from the Internet? Specific streaming apps like Pandora continue to play audio after you press the home button and open up other apps. Be careful though, if you open up another app that plays audio, it might be a good idea to stop the stream first. For example...
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    Running multiple programmes on ipad

    Hmmm... Maybe it's an iPad 1 issue, and that it only has 256mb of RAM? Apps in suspended state consume RAM in small amounts to keep that "snapshot" so you can quickly get back to it. It shouldn't affect system performance though. And if the iPad needs more memory (for example, launching a huge...
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    Running multiple programmes on ipad

    Congrats on being a new iPad owner! Yes, that's actually how the iPad's operating system works. When you press the "home" button (the round button with a square symbol) to exit an app to go back to your home screen, it doesn't completely close down the app. It goes into a state of suspended...
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    Anybody like me?: Love the iPad, but prefer Android phones over the iPhone?

    Quite the rebellious thread... I like it! As an AT&T customer, my first iPhone was the debut model back in 2007, and I've owned every model released since then up to the 4s. I plan on getting the 5 when it comes out this year. I'm pretty much ingrained to he iPhone and I do enjoy it's features...
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    The New Ipad: Perfect for Extreme Adventure

    Great writeup Simon! I want to start using my iPad in more active outdoor settings. Have you had any good experiences with rugged cases? The only one I've tried so far was the Otterbox Defender, but hated the screen distortion due to the screen protector. This was the first batch though, and...
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    How many people here actually use a screen protector?

    I don't use a screen protector for either of my iPads. I own an iPad 2 and the new iPad 3. I got both in March just within days of each other. My iPad 2 is my everyday work iPad. I take it with me in the car on my sales route, have my customers sign on the screen with a stylus, use it for...
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    Ipad 3 ear headphones ... Cheap good ones in uk

    There are a lot of people who swear by the brand Skull Candy in terms of quality at a reasonable price. They have entry-level earbuds and over the ear headphones that you can get at budget prices, or spend just a bit more for higher level models. Sound quality is actually pretty good at even the...
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    Simple Calculator?

    Yeah, I found it odd that the iPad left out some native apps that the iPhone came with. Off the top off my head: Calculator Weather Stocks Voice memo Alarm clock/timer I have no idea why, and it was pretty annoying at first. Sure, there are free apps that could take their place, but you'd more...
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    White ipad cases....

    Here's on of the few cases I have for my new white iPad: It's a Cygnett case, part of the Lavish Earth series. I think the earth tone natural color is a good compliment to the white bezel. Build quality is excellent, and it looks professional enough for business use. Or you can go with...
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    New ipad battery depletion while plugged in

    Yeah, I've noticed that also playing the game Infinity Blade 2, 100% brightness, almost max volume. iPad was at 30% when I started charging it. Played the game while charging, and an hour later, battery was down to 21%. I guess it depends on how hard the iPad is working during the charge. Seems...
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    Cleaning screen question

    I don't have experience with screen cleaners, but you should avoid any cleaner that contains alcohol. The iPad's screen has an oleophobic coating, which means it lacks the affinity for oil (which minimizes smudges and fingerprints and make it easier to wipe em off). Alcohol from cleansers...
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    New Otterbox Defender Screen is Crystal Clear!

    So are these new versions? The new colors look pretty cool, especially the white (crevasse). I wish I waited before buying one (the first run black for the new iPad). Just how clear is the screen protector? Is it like a zagg shield? The defender I have has a pixelated, rainbow effect (like a...
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    New iPad owner. Facebook choppy... Normal?

    Haha, true! Although they can't track my activity if I don't bother logging onto their app. I rarely use my pc for social media nowadays (only use it for work-related stuff). My iPad is my main personal device and it's pretty much glued to my hand. I still can't believe FB didn't consider the...
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    New iPad owner. Facebook choppy... Normal?

    The Facebook app on both the iPad and iPhone is utter crap. For a multi-billion dollar tech company you'd think they'd come up with at least a decent app. It's because of this that I rarely check Facebook.
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    The New Ipad Expandable Storage

    Thanks Archangel! This thread actually piqued my curiosity. I clicked on your link after i posted and read your review. I also noticed your post on another thread in the Jailbreak forums regarding CloudFTP. Good stuff, I'm gonna seriously look into this!
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    The New Ipad Expandable Storage

    As Gabriel stated, apps can ONLY be stored directly on the iPad. They can't be stored elsewhere. For example, a game like Infinity Blade 2 is almost 1 gig and NOVA 3 is a whopping 1.5 gigs. They can only be downloaded to the iPad and played from there. Apps that size will quickly take up memory...
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    New iPad screen defects

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    New iPad screen defects

    Wow! It's seriously defected or possessed. Take it back for an exchange ASAP. The other option is to take it to an exorcist... But seriously, an iPad, new or old should not behave that way. I'd say take it back immediately.
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    Why is there no Flash on the Ipad 3?

    An LED used for camera flash would be a nice to have option, but given the limited space in the iPad body, it wasn't that big of a necessity. I personally would never use the iPad as my typical photography device. I have my iPhone 4s and Nikon point n shoot for that. However, the camera is an...
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    Best hard case for new ipad

    Both would be overkill since the popular hard cases have a built in screen protector (which diminish the quality of the display and touch sensitivity). Having a screen protector on top of another would lead to a frustrating iPad experience. Some forum members have had success with getting a...
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    Best hard case for new ipad

    Yeah, usually for a hard/heavy duty case you'd be paying a premium price. Did you check the Droptech Gumdrop? You might be able to find a EU online retailer selling it for around 50 euros. An affordable alternative is to get a skin and a screen protector and put the iPad in a separate sleeve...
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    Best hard case for new ipad

    I think the Otterbox Defender for the new iPad should fit your needs. I bought one last week and protection-wise, it's excellent. It's has a detachable hard cover that protects the screen from bumps and scratches when not in use and also doubles as a stand. The inner hard case helps prevent flex...
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    Who replaced their mac with ipad 3

    Although it's a nice idea, there's no way I can replace my MacBook Pro with my iPad 3. But then again our needs are different. My Mac is my business and productivity machine. I need the computing power of the Mac to edit videos and compose music. And I work with a lot of Excel spreadsheets. The...
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    caseen iPadForums Welcome + Introduces iPad 3rd Gen Case Lineup + Free Case GIVEAWAY

    Congrats on getting a nice new case! Post pics and write a review when you receive it :)
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    Best (cheapest) place to buy iPAD 3

    All authorized retailers sell the new iPad at the same price as the Apple store. However, there is an online authorized reseller called MacMall. Depending on what state you live in, you may not get charged sales tax on an online order. That could mean anywhere from $40-$80 savings depending on...
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    Taking it me or are there camera problems?

    Yeah, you pretty much would need ideal lighting conditions to take decent pics with the new iPad's camera. Though it's a big leap from the one found on the iPad 2, it uses the same CMOS 5MP found on the iPhone 4. I found that outdoor settings or a bright sunlit room will give you pretty nice...
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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    Yeah, I hear ya about the resolution. I purchased a 15" MacBook Pro with max specs and a hi res display, and my new iPad puts it to shame when viewed side by side. Oh how that little device spoils us!
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    Looking for a decent ipad 3 case?

    Agree with zman and Imnparadise. The Vuscape in black was the first case I picked up for my new iPad 3 back in March, and after looking at many other cases, it's still my favorite one. I have a review on one of the threads here. It's good value for only $39.95 (got it at Best Buy) and I even...