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  1. DNC1968

    What are you getting for Christmas?

    iPad mini WiFi/GSM. Via Tapatalk.
  2. DNC1968

    iOS 6.0.1 killed Bluetooth on both my iPad and iPhone!!!!!!!

    Sorry I didn't intend to come over as sarcastic as I did! I was being ironical. It's just my dry humour! Mate ;-) Via Tapatalk.
  3. DNC1968

    iOS 6.0.1 killed Bluetooth on both my iPad and iPhone!!!!!!!

    Just a quick update. I've manage to get my phone working, so just need to sort the iPad out! I ended up going back to factory and then doing a clean install of iOS 6.0.1 Via Tapatalk.
  4. DNC1968

    iOS 6.0.1 killed Bluetooth on both my iPad and iPhone!!!!!!!

    Nothing for the moment as I'm busy with work and just don't have the time to trouble shoot the problem. It's working as a phone and the wired earpiece is working, so its not essential that I get it working immediately! Via Tapatalk.
  5. DNC1968

    iOS 6.0.1 killed Bluetooth on both my iPad and iPhone!!!!!!!

    I had assumed that it was just the age of my 3GS, but I now know it isn't, as my iPad's also affected! A lot of people reported issues with Bluetooth and the iOS 6 update, but I got away with it. I'm sorry I updated now! :-/ The only saviour, is the fact that I didn't update the other iPad 2...
  6. DNC1968

    iOS 6.0.1 killed Bluetooth on both my iPad and iPhone!!!!!!!

    I'm having major issues at the moment, so everyone beware of the iOS 6.0.1 update! It's killed my Bluetooth connectivity on both my iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS. The result is, no handsfree in my less than a month old car or connection to my less than a year old Bose speaker! I got away with not...
  7. DNC1968

    Bose Soundlink Wireless speaker

    There's actually 6 speakers inside. 4 drivers and 2 sub's. The sub's fire front and rear (opposing to stop vibration) and the drivers fire to the front only. My one sounds fine, so It sounds like you've got a problem! Via Tapatalk.
  8. DNC1968

    Bose Soundlink Wireless speaker

    Green mile is one of my favourite films. I was thinking of sound only, with my list. You can add Bladerunner (directors cut) and Independence Day to the sound list as well! Via Tapatalk.
  9. DNC1968

    Need to view old email messages on Ipad2

    I'm glad it's no just me then. I've hunted high and low for an answer, as my iPhone keeps emails, but the iPad doesn't! Via Tapatalk.
  10. DNC1968

    Bose Soundlink Wireless speaker

    I agree. It's the next best thing to mobile surround sound! :) I find the best films to make use of the bass sound are, "Iron Man", "Stealth" and "Behind Enemy Lines". Via Tapatalk.
  11. DNC1968

    Bose Soundlink Wireless speaker

    I read that somewhere in the PDF instructions. I think it's after a week or so of not being used, so maybe that's your problem and not actually a dead battery! If I remember rightly, you just have to put it on the charger for a couple of minutes to reactivate. To turn mine off, I use the...
  12. DNC1968

    Bose Soundlink Wireless speaker

    I'd have a word with Bose, as that sounds like its a faulty battery. I use mine for maybe an hour every other day and I get at least 8 -10 hrs of play time out of it, over a two week period or more! If I leave it without use, it's still got plenty of charge even after a month or more! The good...
  13. DNC1968

    Speakers to travel with ?

    Resurrection of an old thread, but here goes: I have a Bose SoundLink mobile speaker. The sounds fantastic and it will run for 8 hrs or more on a single charge. It's loud as well, when you want it to be! It's also nice and compact and has an integrated flip stand cover. Via Tapatalk.
  14. DNC1968

    Can iPad replace built-in nav?

    I use the Navfree App on both my iPhone and iPad. It's very accurate and as the name suggests its free. The user interface isn't bad once you get used to it and the screen is based on the popular Garmin and TomTom Satnav units. I'm yet to mount he iPad properly in the car, as I'm still...
  15. DNC1968

    Bose Soundlink Wireless speaker

    Following many months of looking and testing, I bought one of these a month ago to use with my iPad and iPhone and it's fantastic. Sound quality is really good and it's much louder than it's size would suggest, due to it containing 4 drivers and twin opposing sub units, within its diminutive...
  16. DNC1968

    16gb or 32gb

    32gb all the way. 16gb is just too small once you get using it properly!
  17. DNC1968

    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    A gift. I bought on for my wife and she bought one for me! ;-)
  18. DNC1968

    How many GB is your iPad?

    32 Gb and that's fin for me.
  19. DNC1968

    Do you leave your iPad on while charging it?

    I always leave it on. It takes too long to boot up! ;-) lol
  20. DNC1968

    caseen iPadForums Welcome + Introduces iPad 3rd Gen Case Lineup + Free Case GIVEAWAY

    I have to admit, the SKINNY leather case has my vote. :)
  21. DNC1968

    Question about micro sim / mobile data

    It was a debate when I got mine, but I'm so happy with the 3G connection and money well spent. :)
  22. DNC1968


    Thanks Chris. I'm sure i speak for everyone, when i say that we all really appreciate you bending the rules and putting this up for us. :)
  23. DNC1968

    Sending Windows Excel files to an iPad

    Your welcome. I forgot to say, you can also access your document via a web browser if both are on the same WiFi. I use this to work on document in my iPad on a laptop or in my iPhone, on my iPad! It's very simple to do. :-)
  24. DNC1968

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I use Kindle, due to the number of books available (loads of free ones too!).
  25. DNC1968

    Question about micro sim / mobile data

    I've found that as well. My 3 signal is always good enough to get full Internet, even when my O2 iPhone can't connect.
  26. DNC1968

    Top iPad Applications

    Office2 HD is a very good alternative to buying both Words and Numbers App's or Quickoffice and it's cheaper to! Dropbox for file transfer. eBay App' for all your consumer needs! ;-) lol Kindle App' for a better alternative to iBooks. Google Earth Facebook Skype for FaceTime type video calls...
  27. DNC1968

    AirPrint to PDF

    I just screen print for this! Office2 HD has an option to save to PDF.
  28. DNC1968

    Best app for word and excel

    Get yourself the Office2 HD App'. It will do everything you need.
  29. DNC1968

    Difficulty E- mailing PDF file and open in ipad2

    An easy way is to get Office2 HD or Quickoffice HD (or one of the free PDF viewers) and a Dropbox account. That way you can Dropbox stuff to yourself. You then have the option of emailing someone a Dropbox link to share a file or simply emailing it as an attachment from within the App'. Office2...
  30. DNC1968

    Books to ibooks

    You have two options. iBooks and Kindle App'. If you can't find the book you want on iBooks, download the free Kindle App' as you'll almost certainly find a digital copy on Amazon. You have to buy it on Amazon and then wirelessly transfer it via the App. It's very easy and most books are a lot...
  31. DNC1968

    Using iPad in UK

    I bought my iPad in Mexico. I use the standard Apple charger that came with it and just bought a new 3 pin plug bit from eBay! I live in the UK by the way.
  32. DNC1968


    Have a search for AirPrint printers. I've only seen them by both HP and Cannon and they haven't been what I'd call cheap! I just use my old all in one, connected to a laptop and Dropbox anything I want to print. Not the best or fastest solution, but gets me by!
  33. DNC1968

    Sending Windows Excel files to an iPad

    Tell her to get Office2 HD (a good and cheaper alternative to Quickoffice HD) or Numbers ( if she only wants to do excel) and just email or dropbox the files to the iPad. Simple! :-)
  34. DNC1968

    STEREO audio input ?

    I've been hearing reports of the iO Dock not liking iOS 5.1!
  35. DNC1968

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    After playing with my iPad for a week or two, my wife wanted one. Yesterday I took her to the Apple shop and now she's also a proud owner also. :-)
  36. DNC1968

    Does Ipad-2 3g bought in USA work in other countries with their respective carriers??

    It will work fine as long as its the correct type. I've got a Black iPad 2, 32gb WiFi+ 3G (GSM). Model No. A1396. It was bought over there and works perfectly on the UK 3 Network.
  37. DNC1968

    iPad 2 old tech?

    I considered waiting, but I bought it whilst away in Mexico. It worked out being £120 cheaper than at home! :)
  38. DNC1968

    iOS 5.1 available today!

    I did it last night and it took about half an hour all in. I'll have to do my phone on Friday though. :)