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  1. J

    iPad, years in the making

    One thing I can remember is when you wanted to upgrade your computer about once a year (want doesnt mean you did, just you wanted to). The difference in performance year to year was truly amazing: processor speed, memory, graphics, HD size, etc. These days you basicly buy a new computer when the...
  2. J

    iPad Mini Rumored for 2011

    While though I can doubt it, I think it might have some merit. Look at the line up of Apple's laptops, there are several size screens. It is possible that Apple wishes to create a range of screen sizes from the touch to the ipad. Again, I still think it's not happening, but who knows? There...
  3. J

    Multi-Tasking This Summer

    Hehe maybe apple is going to charge for the update and figures it will sting less if it is half a year later. If they put it out now, then they would have to give it free to everyone. I'm still not an Ipad owner, but I'm surprised by the reaction here. I would have thought everyone would be...
  4. J

    Article: 13 glaring flaws of the Ipad

    Thank you for a good point by point review. I haven't bought an Ipad yet, and I'm interested in people's honest opinions. We all know a first generation product is never going to be perfect. I think my main concern is how to hold it, and if u get tired of holding it after an hour or so. It...
  5. J

    Article: 13 glaring flaws of the Ipad

    Hi everyone, I'm neither a fanboy or a hater. I'm just a user of technology and use whatever works. I would like to know if anyone agrees with any of these criticisms. I'd like feedback from people who have used the Ipad. Please don't just trash this person's opinion, please discuss the points...
  6. J

    Anybody getting iPad Temperature Warning yet?

    If it is in fact legit, there are gonna be defective models that shipped. Or perhaps the user was using it under less than optimal circumstances. Let's just hope that out of the hundreds of thousands shipped, none of yours have any problems. Here in Japan, the wifi version isn't even...
  7. J - iPad Wi-Fi Case Contest!

    Hehe the first one is comin i can feel it....i hear knocks on the doors all over america....waaah im in Japan! We don't even have a date yet here!
  8. J

    The lamest criticism of the Ipad

    The same rocket scientists will be scratching their heads when they get pink slips from Best Buy due to decreased sales volume.
  9. J

    The lamest criticism of the Ipad

    I am sure that Apple could have easily provided multi-tasking but decided not to. I am guessing one reason is memory. If you have the 16GB model, and you have quite a bit of stuff on there, and you start running a bunch of apps at once, you might even crash the system, or at least make it barely...
  10. J

    The lamest criticism of the Ipad

    You know what gets to me. All the people out there who keep saying the Ipad is just a giant Ipad touch or Iphone. That's like saying "why buy a laptop? It's just a smaller computer." Yes it is running the same OS. Why wouldn't it? The OS is specifically designed for touch, why would Apple not...
  11. J

    What is failure or a product?

    It's quite simple. If Apple makes a profit from the Ipad it's a success. Of course if it is a slim profit, it would be considered a failure because of all the resources and time put into it. But it may take a couple of years to truly judge the Ipad. I think the Ipad is going to be a huge...
  12. J

    Printing with the Ipad

    This is where you early adopters can do a public service by letting Apple and vendors know what works, what works but not so well, and what doesn't work at all. It's kind of funny how some people think if you are an early adopter, it means you're going to meet with all kinds of problems...
  13. J

    Will the iPad sell out the first day?

    I voted no. But that doesn't mean some stores might sell out. Selling out is not a good thing. That being said, I believe that Apple may have trouble meeting demand, especially of the G3 models. I'm guessing the 32 3G is going to be the most popular. People compromise and don't get the 64 and...
  14. J


    I agree. I do not have an iphone or even an ipod. But the videos I've seen of the Ipad, apps take almost no time to load. If you could switch back and forth quickly to the saved state of the previous app you were working with, it would be a very nice solution. As someone else said, Apple is...
  15. J


    The lack of multi-tasking is a serious limitation. I am sure there are reasons why Apple chose not to implement it (*at this time*) Most likely, multi-tasking would have meant taking a hit to speed and battery life. But that being said, I seriously disagree with the tone of your post. We are...
  16. J

    Local UPS just told me this Week!

    Just my thoughts, but the one thing Apple will try to avoid at all costs is any kind of fiasco with the first batch of Ipads shipped. Even if it's say 200k units, that is still a lot. Of course the goal isn't to just barely make the release date. There will be Ipads all ready to be shipped to...
  17. J

    Is 16gb enough?

    Of course it depends on your financial circumstances, but for me, I always try to buy as much computer/device as I can reasonably afford. It seems like things tend to use more and more resources over time and what looked like a lot of computer isn't as much anymore. That being said, if you're...