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    APP like Microsoft Project

    I have searched and tired apps to be able to carry my microsoft project plans for meetings. There are a few apps that do a pretty good job. I settled for project planning pro. Here's why - My first requirement was to be able to view my schedules created in microsoft project on my iPad so that...
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    Project management app?

    Have you guys tried Gantt Lite for iPad? I thought it was pretty good and its free... The free version is a little limited, as in it will allow you to import only 2 of your plans... They also have a pro version, Gantt Pro and its quite fairly priced at $5.99 . The app is definitely worth a shot...
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    Why an iPad if you have an iPhone?

    sometimes you just need a bigger screen...
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    iPAD Novice

    try plugging it in :-))
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    Is it safe to buy apps from app store?

    why would it not be? it is one of the most secure store enviornments you'll find online... dont hesitate, go for it :-))
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    Microsoft Project on IPad

    Microsoct Project on iPad Gantt Lite Hi Guys, I havent tried SG Pro but there this app Gantt Lite(free) and Gantt Pro(paid) which lets you export your ms project plans to iPhone and iPad. Currently they do not have an editing feature, however this app lets you add/edit task notes to every task...
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    new user at iPad forums

    Hi guys I work for an iOS app development company and happened to come across a thread about SG Project Pro app for iPad and it got me interested in the forum. I use iPhone, iPad and macbook. -appstar