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  1. yellowhorse

    Air music

    Lol. Sorry. iPad 2. Not airplay. It's air music. It's supposed to put music avail to the ps3. It seems like it's supposed to stream it. It's recognized as a server on the ps3 but the playlists and songs nothing. I can AirPlay tho!
  2. yellowhorse

    Air music

    Okay so I searched for threads, didn't find air play. I can find it on the ps3 but no music shows up. When I play a song, it says on my iPad it's recording. What? Lol. Then I hit manual refresh which is what a site suggested through a browser search. I still see the directory on my sons ps3 but...
  3. yellowhorse

    Pls recommend Best app to create documents

    I recommend pages but some people use google docs. Which is free. Free. Lol. But I don't think u can use it offline like pages. Pages saves to PDF as well.
  4. yellowhorse

    Bricked iPad 2? Error 14

    How is your internet connection, that can effect your restoration. Also Apple has service chat for people that upgraded to ios7. Very helpful. My iPad kept dissolving and restarting. I had to turn off find my iPad and location services right before the blank out to do a proper restore from a...
  5. yellowhorse

    Best way to syn 15 iPads 2 for use in a school,(I have no trolley)

    We'll I'm no expert. But you might need usbs and some type of upright file divider for 15 tablets. Unless they are already set up. Then the users could sync them via wifi. If they are plugged in and on the same network wifi wise.
  6. yellowhorse

    Weather ios7 ipad 2

    Yah I wholly survive on the free app
  7. yellowhorse

    Weather ios7 ipad 2

    Wind alert? Do a quickie search in the App Store. Where we are, very very remote. So we have very high winds that come up out of nowhere. But it's great for fishing surfing and the like. If you want to know like for freezing temps it will let you know ASAP. Has alerts. For the free version you...
  8. yellowhorse

    Weather ios7 ipad 2

    It did finally come up. Today actually. How cool is that. I feel like I'm not missing as many features as I thought. Lol. I wish it was like wind alert.
  9. yellowhorse

    Weather ios7 ipad 2

    I'm glad I'm not the only one and thank you for interrupting me while I was resetting my home screen icons. It never appeared. I did see weather in location services but no where else not even find.
  10. yellowhorse

    Weather ios7 ipad 2

    Okay, am I the only person who doesn't have weather in notifications for ios7 and ipad2. If someone has it can you please walk me through finding the settings.
  11. yellowhorse

    iOS 7 on iPad 2

    We'll I imagine because you can use google talk, or record video to YouTube.
  12. yellowhorse

    iOS 7 on iPad 2

    . You have to go to bottom of the mail bar after hitting edit at the top. Choose mark all as read. That is so annoying when they keep downloading and downloading. It's not like it's a new device.
  13. yellowhorse

    iOS 7 on iPad 2

    Yah there should be three words on the right hand side of the live photo view. One is video. You have to slide up. I did some videos and they are huge files. Mine were like several gigs just for one meeting I tried to record. And it looks like a windows environment to me. I have to dig in time...
  14. yellowhorse

    Print from IPad without Airprint

    it links to Dropbox. Haven't tried the safe yet. Also support says that it will print emails from the internal browser. You have to use it as a work around, it doesn't look like its an open in feature. But it will do in a pinch. I was shocked it printed my screenshot without turning on my PC to...
  15. yellowhorse

    How to send to GROUPS with iPad Mail

    It says easy groups not available in App Store. Hohum
  16. yellowhorse

    So have you updated to iOS 6.1? And how it is it?

    I wasn't the one that started it, I think that making people feel inferior in threads pushes people away from seeking help. I did use volunteer correctly, and I still say, that I haven't called anyone names nor put anyone down. And people can give advice on how to resolve apple issues without...
  17. yellowhorse

    So have you updated to iOS 6.1? And how it is it?

    What are you the plagiarism police? Do you get paid to do this, or is it volunteer? Do you go around picking on people who do cite, for accuracy? just wondering. Vague allegiance to authority in a seemingly meaningless except to a hand full few topic, is mildly intriguing. People come here...
  18. yellowhorse

    Podcasts 6.1 iPad2

    I'm gonna try that. Like I said I didn't want to boot the beast. And yah I guess I haven't used podcasts on iPad in a long time. Busted. But normally I don't have a mental block to booting up. I just wanted seamless integration at the touch of a hand. I wanted it my way. Lol
  19. yellowhorse

    So have you updated to iOS 6.1? And how it is it?

    Have you tried to sync with your main iTunes, computer, iCloud? You might want to try the hardware sync. See what that does. Also do you have other apps running sometimes they will appear in your on apps even after a reboot. Also iif have my Bluetooth for my car on, it will stop and play to...
  20. yellowhorse

    iPad for the car...

    Yah good luck on rural, it's hard to find a good wifi connection 100 miles out. I don't think apple did this because every other device in the market would protest. If an ipad could run a business out of a car..... Well, maybe they will do this once they get to the cliff on reselling us...
  21. yellowhorse

    So have you updated to iOS 6.1? And how it is it?

    It's not plagiarism, because technically its apples domain. Though I'd argue universal information has no strings attached. Quoting normally assists by tagging the original poster. So with business out of the way, I'll keep the thread by saying is an ad update, and nothing changed on...
  22. yellowhorse

    No audio when recording

    Make sure if you have a cover that encases the ipad that it has holes in the middle of the top screen above the front facing camera.
  23. yellowhorse

    Podcasts 6.1 iPad2

    Okay so I never made the connection when I saw the podcast icon in the app drawer that podcasts had been eviscerated from iTunes. I just wanted to say this since I didn't find it in a search. I'm assuming I'm gonna have to boot my machine, which I was avoiding, to pull out my other podcasts by...
  24. yellowhorse

    You tube missing after update?

    Ios6 does not have the YouTube app. You all can talk about how wonderful it is, but it is gone. That's what the topic is after the upgrade the app was gone.
  25. yellowhorse

    You tube missing after update?

    I use safari for YouTube too. If it errors I close and restart and go to a video I know will play in my likes first.
  26. yellowhorse

    wifi works at home but not at work?

    Well you said that others join fine and you can't. I don't know of a setting like that on a router unless it is approved by macaddress or timed access. Like I said, I tried this opening safari recommend and it helped me login. I had to wait a bit but it came on after pulling safari. If its a...
  27. yellowhorse

    Ipad bag

    There's one I use by otter box. Not sure the name, It might be defender I forget. But searching for otter box cases you will see one that has a four corner strap with a handle for holding in to the ipad, and it comes with a shoulder strap and a small pouch for charging accessories, headphones...
  28. yellowhorse

    Losing Emails - So Frustrated

    AQ is on to something. Your emails will not show on a alternate device, if your settings say to delete messages on server when exiting. Check your preferences or do a search for a how to. Otherwise most providers really don't want to talk to us. Lol
  29. yellowhorse

    You tube missing after update?

    Restore to factory, is a guess. If you started with ios5. Do you have any back ups you can use to restore. Don't know if jailbreak would help it scares me.
  30. yellowhorse

    wifi works at home but not at work?

    Have you tried pulling up safari while on that network? You don't say there's a login. Sometimes they won't pop up. After checking the wifi settings, or manually joining, I was told to pull up safari when joining the network at our school. It worked ever since. Thanks to folks here in the forums.
  31. yellowhorse

    Things I Love About iOS6, and Things I Hate

    You can see YouTube in safari now. It's proof positive that it was a corporate plot to drive us all nuts. We could have had youtube in safari all along. Curse thee apple gawds!
  32. yellowhorse

    Glad there's an iPad Forum --- youtube icon gone issue

    Lol this threads gone mad! But I am guessing since I can now see YouTube in ios6 on safari iPad 2 that is working, and since I no longer see a YouTube app on my iPad that it has all changed. Leave it to apple to train me like a puppy to go to a separate YouTube app to now change it. Curse thee...
  33. yellowhorse

    E-mail had no body..

    Yah wifi interference or busy signal is what happens when mine does it. Even high winds, since it impacts my dishes.
  34. yellowhorse

    Sending SMS from Ipad

    I'm in the process of working out this issue. Right now, I am using yahoo msgr and it SMS texts to other yahooans.
  35. yellowhorse

    Facebook - copy and pasting?

    I do it all the time. You just have to hit the text just right. You can also try the fb app for iPad.
  36. yellowhorse


    Depending on your printers make and model you can see what their company offers for print solutions as well. Like some have apps where you can scan from your iPad and that machine. And print too in a roundabout.
  37. yellowhorse

    Passcode locked out of ipad and itunes not recognising. HELP!!

    Restore to factory via your iTunes on a computer with a great Internet connection. My sons friend did this to him at school with his iPod once. He was left without his iPod till we got reliable Internet at that time. If you have problems contact apple.
  38. yellowhorse


    Have you installed any apps when this began to happen? Delete a few suspects and see if it helps at all. They are in your cloud if you want to add them back and test.
  39. yellowhorse

    Duplicate Emails

    Have you checked your browser mail to see if there are settings there that might help? Sometimes they conflict with each other and cause problems. Syncing mail, in your iTunes, check to see if that does anything. That's in your iPad settings for mail and sync.
  40. yellowhorse

    YouTube does not work

    Low bandwidth might be a possible culprit. Check your connection and strength. Some providers like schools will block things like YouTube.