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    I would just like to play pandora while using safari. I shouldnt have to wait until the fall to do something that simple! Even my droid can do that.
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    Which iPad apps have you purchased?

    Real racing HD(this "HD" thing is gonna be annoying if it's going to be attached to 90% of the games), diner dash for iPad, tap tap radiation, weather HD, what's on HD, blackjackHD, blumberg, marvel comics... If u have an iPhone, I don't know how you can even use it anymore when you have this...
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    my review 5 *****'S

    I love this thing and I'm not even a fan of apple. I think I'm getting addicted to buying all these apps.
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    In case you couldn't get a case....

    I just picked up some rather cheap cases off eBay to hold me over. A nice leather case should do just fine! Damn I love this thing!