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    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    I have the 5 row keyboard installed and it works for the most part except when i go onto a site that requires my password it reverts back to the stock ipad keyboard. Is this normal? I have this installed on a ipad 4.
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    Color hd keyboard locking up

    Actually I installed it the day the jailbreak was released. I never got any warnings that it wasn't compatible.
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    Color hd keyboard locking up

    I have only the default cydia repos installed and i paid 2.99 for the app. It said nothing about not being compatible. There were 2 color hd keyboards apps one was for the iphone/ipod the other for the ipad. I bought and downloaded the one for the ipad
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    Color hd keyboard locking up

    Has anyone installed the color hd keyboard? I installed it on my iPad 4 but when ever I try to use the keyboard my iPad locks up then goes into safe mode.
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    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Does anyone know if the atv 3 will be jailbroken later? I see according to the website all devices will be jailbroken except the atv 3.
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    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    My wife updated my iPad 4 today thru iTunes. From what I've read I'll be fine for jail breaking. I'm I assuming correctly
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    Where do downloaded files go.

    I downloaded 2 PDF files thru my gmail account. How do I find the files now.
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    [beta app] Got SMS on android phone? Read and reply it on iPad

    Same here can't pm I have an ipad4 and droid razr
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    Ipad 4 other devices

    I have my droid razor as a mobile hotspot and my iPad uses that for Internet access
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    Viewing tiff images

    Is there a way to view tiff images when using Safaria web browser? The website I use at work uses tiff images. All I get is a blank page.
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    imessage between ipad and ipod with the same account

    Is it possible to imessage between an ipad 4 and ipod touch 5th gen with the same account and not get duplicate messages? If i send a message to my ipad while the wife is using it from my ipod it shows up on the ipad and ipod touch and vice versa. Or must each have there own seperate account?