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    Trying to decide between iPad 2 and 3 (main concern is HD video quality)

    Geez, really? I've seen it and it's fantastic. But see my post above. All I've got to say about it.
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    Trying to decide between iPad 2 and 3 (main concern is HD video quality)

    I'm sure it is. But "you need an iPad 3, period" is a very strong statement. And a matter of opinion. I read just fine on my iPad 2. I'm not going to spend the extra money for an iPad 3 to use it as a book reader.
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    Trying to decide between iPad 2 and 3 (main concern is HD video quality)

    Sorry, but that is just an opinion. There is nothing wrong with reading on an iPad 1 or 2. Of course, this is also an opinion.
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    Best app for word and excel

    The only issue that I have found insurmountable with Numbers and Pages is that I cannot easily sync with either Dropbox or Google Docs. For that reason, I am sticking with DocsToGo. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I just received an inexpensive case for my iPad 2 from Amazon. The brand is called amCase and it was $10. I've only had it a couple days, but it seems to be well worth the cost. It is faux leather for sure. And it has the magnetic closure which activates the instant on/off feature. And that...
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    Recent antiglare recommendations - using ipad3 outside & screen protection

    I have the media devil. Like it so far. Not too difficult to put on. Of course, not as clear as a naked screen. But it looks good. And I hate those rubbery feeling clear Zaggs. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Recent antiglare recommendations - using ipad3 outside & screen protection

    I am waiting on a delivery of the media devil matte anti glare for my ipad2. I'll post my comments as soon as I get it installed. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    iPad 2 on Sale: Post up the best deals / coupons!

    I am getting back into the iPad community. Bought one of the refurbished iPad 2s from the Apple store for $349.\ Edit: Admin -- Link to refurb store here:
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    Dear apple & iOs5.... I HATE safari changes ...Especially tabs!

    Cannot disagree more. Tabs are much better for a web browser.
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    For those of you who DIDN'T have any problems upgrading to IOS 5.....

    iPad 1, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3gs upgraded with no difficulty. The 3GS download was taking forever thru iTunes, so I just downloaded the file directly from the apple server and did a shift restore.
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    Zagg InvisiShield

    I installed a Zagg IS on my iPad last weekend. I agree that the IS needs to be kept wet, however, you should NOT use the spray directly on your iPad (or iPhone). Spray the IS with the solution, not the screen (or back). I use the included squeegee, but I wrap it with a small microfiber cloth...
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    IPad in hot car!

    Australian marketed beer. Not very good, IMO.
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    iFrogz Provue

    I've had my iPad for about two weeks and started looking for a good case. I got the Apple case and wasn't really that satisfied with it. The AT&T store had a lot of their accessories for the 1st iPad on clearance 50% off. Picked up this leather case by iFrogz for $25. I like it because it does...
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    The iPad : the Swiss Army Knife of computers

    Still getting used to using my iPad as my computer. There are still things I have to do on my home desktop. But it is becoming my computer. I am debating signing up for 3g service or just getting the hotspot service on my iPhone. If I get hotspot, I lose my unlimited. But I never really come...
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    iPad 1 users!!!

    Thanks, but I got the one that they had left in stock.
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    iPad 1 users!!!

    My local AT&T store had one 16gb left in stock this morning. They "said" that they didn't know the 1st gen iPads had been discounted. I might not use the 3G a lot, but I gladly paid the extra $30 for the availability.
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    Got my first iPad today

    I also just got an iPad 1st gen. In fact, I bought a 16gb wifi only model from walmart - only place I could find one. Brought it back today. Don't know how many people have heard, but AT&T is discounting all their 3G 1st gen iPads. Got one there for only $30 more than I had paid for the wifi...
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    Just got an iPad - No the first one.

    Thanks. I don't post a whole lot. I'm a fan of the search button!
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    Just got an iPad - No the first one.

    Hello all. I've been an iPod Touch then and iPhone user for a few years now. After seeing the minimal (for my use) upgrades to the iPad2 and the price drop on the iPad, I went ahead and picked one up last week. I had been a netbook user and sold it to fund the iPad purchase. Still getting used...