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  1. andyjp1

    Ipad 2, latest firmware

    Hi guys, someone I know has told me he has Jailbroken his iPad and gets all the apps for free. Im totally aware it can be done but just dont know the best/easiest way. I do wish to do it but cant be arsed to lose all my data and start all over again, would this be the case? Thanks in advance. Andy
  2. andyjp1

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    iPad 2 16gb black iPhone 4 16gb black iPod classic 80gb black iPod mini silver 4gb iPod nano 8gb black iPod shuffle silver 2gb Apple tv (black) iPod touch 32gb Half I never use lol!
  3. andyjp1

    Upload and print app?

    Hi guys, is there some sort of app available to upload photos from the iPad and send to an external company to get them printed out??
  4. andyjp1

    Ipad 2 lap rest/standee

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a accessory for my iPad that I can put on my lap and I can use it without lifting my legs up when I'm either on the sofa or in bed! Anyone got anything similar they could recommend?
  5. andyjp1

    Music library grouping together

    No one??
  6. andyjp1

    Music library grouping together

    Hi guys, I have got a compilation torrent I have downloaded yet when I drag and drop the album over to my iPad library it has each individual track on the album when I search it, rather than 1 icon for the album. Help!!
  7. andyjp1

    Easiest and quickest way of getting my ipad to play avi files

    Spot on cheers, best 2 quid spent on an app yet!!
  8. andyjp1

    Easiest and quickest way of getting my ipad to play avi files

    It says it in the subject. Any ideas?? Thanks
  9. andyjp1

    Wifi syncing

    No one!?
  10. andyjp1

    Wifi syncing

    Hi guys, not sure if anyone has experienced this problem but when I have my iPad turned on and out of locked mode and want to sync music to the iPad it starts working fine, but when it switched off after 5 minutes because of the screen not been touched the iTunes library on my laptop loses the...
  11. andyjp1

    Free magazines??!

    I'm thinking more like fhm, nuts, lads mags. Don't want to subscribe tho!!
  12. andyjp1

    Free magazines??!

    Does anyone know of any apps or websites suitable for the iPad to download/ view magazines???
  13. andyjp1

    Tethering from iphone 4 on orange

    Noddy how do you do it??
  14. andyjp1

    How to jail break my iPad 2 ?!

    What is the need to jailbreak it anyway???
  15. andyjp1

    Tethering from iphone 4 on orange

    Hi guys, does anyone use Internet tethering on orange via the iPhone 4?? I want to do it but don't know the costs or how to go about doing it!