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    Pre ordered ipad from US

    Fedex deliver it here in the UK for Bundlebox. Apple used UPS to deliver to Bundlebox then bundle box shipped via Fedex.:)
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    Pre ordered ipad from US

    i bought myself from Apple and got Bundlebox to ship for me to thge UK - paid for fastest shipping option and it arrived Wednesday (it was posted on Monday). Sorry but USPS is slow and you can expect customs fees, vat and a handling charge which will bump up your price. Best to do your research...
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    Private browsing?

    What Traveler is trying to say: "How do i view porn on the ipad then how do i remove any trace of it"? Simple answer - don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Release date uk

    Sorry that is not going to happen, Apple said end of April but i have heard it will be put back to a later date maybe May! I am from the UK and have got my Ipad being delivered to a re-shipper who will have it with me Wednesday next week. Sorry not trying to gloat but Apple will supply their US...
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    Printing with the Ipad

    I have the same printer and there is an app for the iphone that allows wireless printing. I guess the same app will be available for the ipad on the day of launch or not long after.
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    Anyway to import iPad to the UK?

    I put the billing address the same as the billing address. You must tell your bank you are making the transaction or they will decline it when you submit bill.
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    Getting Ready to Ship

    What day did you order? and congratulations :D
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    Anyway to import iPad to the UK?

    I bought 16Gb ipad and i think my bank charged me £350 with charges for buying in US Dollars. Bundle box will charge £120 approx for vat (that has to be paid and shipping in 3 days. I know it is a little expensive but i really want an ipad and the extra expense is worth it. I have a feeling...
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    Anyway to import iPad to the UK?

    I have both UK and US itunes accounts so no problems purchasing apps, movies etc.
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    Anyway to import iPad to the UK?

    You could do what i have done and i am from the UK. Register with a mail forwarding company, i used then use your credit or debit card and purchase from Don't forget to tell your bank that you are making the purchase online otherwise they will probably decline...