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    What bag ?? Ipad and Ultra slim Notebook

    Saddleback Leather Co. i carry an 11" MBAir, my iPad, and a notebook (plus the iPad charger) in a small satchel. Super high quality. Look at reviews on YouTube.
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    they are acquiring Palm and most likely are going to implement WebOS on the slate. it's a great move.
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    Why 4:3? Why not wide-screen?

    the web would look weird in portrait view.
  4. C ROCKS!

    great site :) I visit everyday
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    The "My 3g Is Here!" Thread.

    haha I'm actually watching my daughter for a bit. I'll probably dig into it after lunch. The downer is that I don't even have 3G where I live. I'm about half a mile from the signal though so anytime I head into "town" in covered.
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    The "My 3g Is Here!" Thread.

    just arrived what did I win? :)
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    How often do you charge your iPad?

    I charge it every three to four days depending on usage. flew to Canada for a week and charged it once the entire time. it was great.
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    several people in Pennsylvania are reporting they are scheduled to receive them today. that was where at least one depot storing the 3G ipads was.
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    shipped. due by 3 pm tomorrow. now to pass the ipad wifi off to the wife and truly go mobile.
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    2 Great Websites For iPad Owners

    appshopper is a macrumors property. it's a first class operation that is a better way to browse apps than is currently available in the app store IMO.
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    Prepared for Shipment Finally

    Prepared For Shipment here as well. Sooo close! :D
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    I have logged into a few Starbucks wifi networks without using my ATT login credentials. it is my belief that the Starbucks/ATT network is often times confusing the iPad for the iPhone and giving it temporary wifi access.
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    iPad Ready Sites

    just about all the video I have found works fine. all YouTube I've run into works right in the browser too. pretty nice.
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    Got It!

    extra nerd points if you got a pic like this :) and here it is
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    Got It!

    got mine about 30 mins ago. didn't say 'out for delivery' and they showed up with it.
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    No Sleep Tonight...

    It's like being a kid again on Christmas Eve :)
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    Sneak Peak at SleekGear's iPad Dock

    Very interesting. I really like the fact that it can hold the iPad in landscape mode. Click through to their website and you will also see quite a few bags and even a nice folio for the iPad.
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    First iPad Video Review Leaks out!

    Great review. I wish they would stop harping on the flash situation though. We get it, you can't live without Hulu.
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    UPS Confirms Saturday Delivery

    Don't worry Ghuda. They air freight these things over. Give them 20 hours and they'll be stateside.
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    just got the same email for my wifi version. stoked!
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    What will be your first (3) movies,apps & pictures you load?

    Godfather Trilogy, Goodfellas, Casino the iWork suite, iBooks Pictures of guitars and drums (work related)
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    Want A Free iPad? Go To (Or Back To) College

    good catch! Dan, need an edit ;)
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    Reuters Takes An Inside Look At Apple's Secrecy With Product Launches

    By way of MacRumors comes this Reuters piece that outlines some of the steps Apple takes with regards to secrecy to closely guard its new products before they are launched. They focus on the iPad and how Apple employees have known only as much as any average Joe that reads the tech blogs and...
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    Want A Free iPad? Go To (Or Back To) College

    There is no doubt that the iPad will have huge implications for the educational market, with an emphasis on further education in the collegiate levels. Seton Hall, a well-known and respected university in Pennsylvania, is offering up free iPads to all full-time students this fall. Where many...
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    How to port or make an iPad website or web app

    nice find. bookmarked :)
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    What books do you plan on buying right away?

    I'm looking forward to several fantasy series (Goodkind, ect), the Rama series, the new Lincoln Vampire book, a few biographies, and some other non-fiction stuff like history and cataloging books. How about you?
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    What did you purchase with your iPad

    I snagged the case. Though I do feel I'll be getting a third party case soon thereafter once they start shipping. I need more of a folio for pens, notepad, ect.
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    Even Some Of The Anti-iPad Writers Are Coming Around...If Only To Eat Crow

    By way of John Gruber's Daring Fireball blog comes a blurb about how Dan Lyons (of Fake Steve fame), who initially hated the iPad after the keynote announcement, has come to do an about face and now cannot wait to get his hands on one. From his initial reactions after the keynote: And now just...
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    Apple Is Apparently Sold Out Of iPads For The April 3rd Launch Date

    Apple's delivery and shipping dates on their website have changed for pre-orders for the iPad's April 3rd launch day. What was once shown on Apple's website as 'Delivered On April 3rd' is now 'Ships By April 12th'. Apple has also removed the ability for people to reserve an iPad for in-store...
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    Best Buy's iPad Launch Day Plans Released

    Well by this picture leaked to Engadget, it seems there will be the 16, 32, and 64 GB versions available at Best Buy on launch day along with a slew of accessories. Have a look: Wow, 5 of each model for a whopping 15 units per store... get in line early people! Link - Engadget
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    Best Buy's iPad Launch Day Plans Released

    That's good to hear! We need someone to call their local Best Buy and see if there's any way to reserve one somehow. If not, I wonder if they know at this time how many are on the manifest for their respective stores.
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    iPad App Store Revealed?

    Take this one with a grain of salt and file it in the rumors bin, but app store fan site App Annie is posting what they claim are pictures of the actual Apple iPad App store feed that they were lucky enough to come across. As you can see in the screenshots (one and two), the iPad App store...
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    Editorial: Dear Advertisers, Be Gentle With The iPad Platform

    There has been quite a bit of speculation around the web regarding how innovative advertisers can be with the upcoming iPad platform. From rich media like video and audio, to interactive experiences where the user controls the advertisement, ad companies far and wide are planning on taking...
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    Best Buy's iPad Launch Day Plans Released

    It most likely will be that Saturday morning, if not the Friday before. Apparently the Best Buy folks are being trained on the device on the 3rd before the store opens.
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    Best Buy's iPad Launch Day Plans Released

    MacRumors has word that Best Buy will be selling the iPad on launch day, April 3rd, but only at its store-within-a-store locations that sell Apple products. These are the roughly 675 Best Buy locations that have a dedicated Apple products section within them. Best Buy has no plans at this time...
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    PC vs Mac

    Aluminum Macbook 13" Aluminum Macbook Pro 13" Mac Mini 2x iPhone 3GS PC Tower (gaming mostly) 2x Dell Inspirons Sony Vaio Laptop iPod Shuffle
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    Even John Carmack doesn't get an iPad early!

    The potential for gaming on the iPad will reach new heights once developers like id can really sink their teeth into the platform. It is my estimation that the iPhone was just a warm-up for Carmack and Co. Imagine an immersive, open-ended game running on the Rage engine that was fully touch...
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    32 gb 3g here
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    see iPad Forums on the iPad

    great shots, thanks for sharing!
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    The games we want on iPad

    I'd really love to see some of the old-school Lucas Arts game like The Dig, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, ect on the iPad.