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    Game apps? is another good one.
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    Online Domino Game

    Don't know of any online but have you used any of the Apps? I have been looking for one also.
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    How many apps do you have?

    55 but NEED a lot more.
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    Want scrabble but hate to pay?

    Words with friends?
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    Smashwords - eBooks

    When you download your eBooks what format do you download to read on your iPad?
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    VRIN: ten mortal gods FREE till Aug 1st

    Nevermind I read the fine print ;)
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    Transferring files without wifi/3g or iTunes?

    Not unless it is jailbroken.
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    ipad safari url window

    hold your finger down next to the URL until the magnifying glass appears and then move your finger left until you are at the beginning.
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    VRIN: ten mortal gods FREE till Aug 1st

    I am still seeing this as $1.99 in iBooks. Is it FREE somewhere else?
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS iMac iPad iPod Nano iPod HP version Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad and iMac
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    Want to buy a Zagg shield?

    I have a 50% discount code if anybody needs one
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    What no Battleship

    Battleship would be awesome especially in VS mode either Bluetooth or WiFi.
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    On vacation and got my parents iPad-ed!

    Nice! It seems like even the people that don't like the iPad at first once they get there hands on it their opinion changes very quickly. I let my Mother hold mine and she immediately said "How do I get one?"
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    Scratches in Invisible Shield

    Something doesn't seem right...I have had them on all of my iPhones and my iPad and have never had a scratch even with dropping the iPhone.
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    How do you clean the fingerprints off the iPad screen?

    I use the microfiber cloth that came with my Incipio Case! Works perfectly.
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    Hey Folks

    @rjleamaster, was the site made on your iPad?
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    Best Apps in each Category

    Games - Speed Card Game, Angry Birds, Gears News - USA Today, Fluent News Social Networking - Tweet Deck
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    A better way to find apps...

    Agree with previous posts regarding App Shopper
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    Did I damage my iPad's USB port, by using an iPhone 4 USB cable?

    They are interchangeable I use both on a daily basis
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    Anyone else on twitter?

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    Anybody did an exchange at Best Buy? Nervous...

    You have a good reason for return and in my experience with BB if there was a problem with something they sold they were more than happy to return/exchange.
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    Just started playing tonight please add rsmart22 Online every night and will be playing
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hi all, bought my iPad on Tuesday and can't put it down.
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Bought mine June 29th @ Apple Store. 16gb WiFi