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    ===Newb needs help===

    when you say "with your ipad connected" Matt ... i take it you still need a windows pc kicking around with itunes on it ?
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    cheapest in uk ?

    Hi Guys As i have trashed my asus seashell netbook last week i need to get something to replace it. I know the ipad is "different" then a netbook but hey i like different and i love my iphone even though it is only a 3g not a 3gs. all i used my netbook for was emails , surfing and the...
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    Freedom Pro Keyboard

    the i-connex is in HID mode and no drivers are required the recessed pairing button needs to pressed whilst the ipad is searching for it.
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    Freedom Pro Keyboard

    it should give the required language support but is dependant on the support the ipad gives. we are taking preorders now for despatch starting the15th of june.
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    Freedom Pro Keyboard

    This is incorrect Rowan with regards to the ipad... it works on an ipad NOW.... and an iphone when os4 is pushed ...
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    Freedom Pro Keyboard

    Hi Guys Sorry for advertising on first post. i don't own the company, i work in tech department so aint making a penny by doing this i just love the product... to the guy who said i dont know the website .. rules say you cant post url's so thats why i posted it like i did !! untested ...
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    Freedom Pro Keyboard

    Hi Mathew yes it will fold .. details are on site
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    Freedom Pro Keyboard

    Hi Guys I work on tech support for freedom input . We are bringing out a new bluetooth keyboard called the i-Connex. this will be aimed at the ipad market and the iphone when the OS4 software gets pushed. No drivers will be required to make it run. details are on the freedom input...