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    Ford expedition stand?

    I looked on your site and see that you have three different models available. Can you please tell me what's the difference, I was a little confused with the three of them. Its for a 2007 btw, it also has a ken wood head unit, don't know if that makes a difference with the bracket. Thanks
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    Ipad connected to incar Tvs

    Update. You hear the youtube video through the speakers quickly then it itunes just takes over. It also wont let me control the ipad (just says connected to tv), it has to be done via the headunit.
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    Ipad connected to incar Tvs

    If you heard nursery tunes on shuffle everytime your in the car youd say the same thing:D Which is why I wanna get the video/youtube to work on all the tvs lol
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    Ipad connected to incar Tvs

    Guys I have an Expedition with alot of tvs. The center console has a hook up for an ipod (same as ipad) when I connect the ipad it just plays the stupid itunes. Is there any way to play videos like when I go on youtube or netflix. My daughter is in love with jake and the neverland pirates...