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  1. Rperez414

    iOS8 on iPad 4th gen- performance, bugs, lags?

    This may not make you feel any better but I also have a retina iPad mini and the landscape lag is the same as on the ipad 4. There's no difference between the A7 and the A6X.
  2. Rperez414

    iOS 8 can not be installed on my iPad mini

    Plug your iPad into a power source.
  3. Rperez414

    iOS8 on iPad 4th gen- performance, bugs, lags?

    I upgraded my iPad 4 on release day and I'm pretty happy with it.. The A6X chip is a beast and we have the same 1GB of RAM as the new hardware so I wouldn't worry too much. In fact, I feel like my battery life has even improved since the upgrade. iOS 8 however is still a little buggy but it's...
  4. Rperez414

    Could someone please recommend me a screen protector?

    I'd recommend the ZaggSkin.
  5. Rperez414

    Can I use an "ATT Go No Contract" sim in my iPad?

    I have an AT&T version also and I have a T-Mobile SIM card that works good.
  6. Rperez414

    iPad Battery

    Ive heard that leaving your ipad in a hot car can permanently damage the battery. Also, letting it deep freeze in the wintertime.
  7. Rperez414

    reverse engineering of square stand

    I would just go check for it on eBay. You can find all kinds of discontinued stuff for sale there and it's probably going to be a lot cheaper than if you had purchased it retail.
  8. Rperez414

    Unlocking my i pad 4 to any network

    I think Apple started unlocking iPads starting with the 4th gen. I know I purchased an iPad 4 at an AT&T store and later I swapped in a T-Mobile sim card and had no problems hooking up to T-Mobile.
  9. Rperez414

    Is there a substitution for arrow keys on an iPad keyboard

    You could get a bluetooth keyboard. I have a Logitech Ultrathin which I love for precisely that kind of thing.
  10. Rperez414

    [GIVEAWAY] Win an AirBender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Air!

    I want to win the Airbender 2.0! Despicable Me! Gotta love the minions.
  11. Rperez414

    Smart Cover with built-in keyboard and flip stand for iPad(s)

    I saw that Anker case on Amazon last week and was very interested. I liked how it had a pop stand vs magnets and how the on/off switch was on top in plain view versus the side. I ended up going with the Logitech Ultrathin for my iPad 4 because I had more confidence that the keyboard would feel...
  12. Rperez414

    took the plunge today got my first i pad 4

    Congrats on the purchase! A Mac mini plus an iPad is definitely a better deal than just an iPad air. I love my 4th gen iPad. The retina screen is amazing and the A6X chip is a beast with its quad core graphics.
  13. Rperez414

    Can Music be Sorted by Song Title?

    Well, nothing in my Macbook iTunes library seemed to impact my iPad. It was already sorting my song and then I connected my iPad and did a sync. Still didn't fix it. Soooo, I nuked everything and reloaded iOS 7. This time though, I set it up as a "New" iPad instead of restoring from a backup...
  14. Rperez414

    Can Music be Sorted by Song Title?

    Manually synchronizing with my Macbook is an excellent idea. I'm going to try that this week and report back my results. My ipad thus far has never been hooked up to my computer. It's been iCloud only.
  15. Rperez414

    Can Music be Sorted by Song Title?

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone else see what I'm seeing in their iPad "Music" app? That is, when you click on Songs view it is sorted by Artist? I even tried reloading iOS 7 and it still does it.
  16. Rperez414

    Can Music be Sorted by Song Title?

    Thanks for the info. Yeah, I'm having issues with the Music app on my ipad. Here is a screen shot of what I see. I thought this was the case on everyone's ipad.
  17. Rperez414

    Can Music be Sorted by Song Title?

    Is it possible to sort my music by song title instead of artist in iTunes? If I select songs at the bottom it still sorts by artist.
  18. Rperez414

    Are the Cellular ipad 4's Unlocked?

    It worked!!! If you have an AT&T iPad, they are all unlocked. So you can get a T-Mobile sim card and get the free 200mb of data. Just insert the sim card and it'll ask you if you want to start a T-Mobile account. Say yes and follow the prompts to setting up the free data. I'm soooo glad I got...
  19. Rperez414

    I bought a second hand ipad4, it keeps asking for iCloud password for old user!

    You could buy a cheap damaged ipad with a broken screen and transfer your parts over if you get no help from Gumtree.
  20. Rperez414

    Are the Cellular ipad 4's Unlocked?

    I have an AT&T ipad and I was wanting to get a T-Mobile SIM card and try and get the free 200mb per month. Does anyone know if I'll have any issues with my APN settings?
  21. Rperez414

    How to properly restore ipad for selling?

    I think the cases where it asks for a previous account even after you've done a full erase and restore is because the SIM card is still in the slot. You can't erase the SIM card with a restore and the ipad will read that phone number on there and assume you want the iCloud account related to it...
  22. Rperez414

    Free T-mobile data on existing iPads?

    I read an article somewhere that said that even existing iPads could be eligible for T-mobiles free 200mb of data per month deal. However, I've not since seen that corroborated anywhere. It really sounds to me like it would only be new iPads purchased from T- mobile would be eligible. Does...
  23. Rperez414

    Post iOS 7 Problems

    I haven't had any issues on my iPad 4. Try rebooting.
  24. Rperez414

    3D Mark Benchmark

    After installing iOS7 my graphics benchmarks are all up! Ice Storm is now well over 10,282 and Ice Storm Unlimited is over 11K at 11,023. Whatever Apple did to iOS7 is making the A6X scream!
  25. Rperez414

    What time of day will ios 7 be available?

    It would be nice if iOS 7 was released at midnight pacific time so as to allow a more staggered start to the server onslaught. However, they've never done that before. For some reason, Apple likes to release software smack dab in the middle of the workday. Has anyone heard if this year will be...
  26. Rperez414

    3D Mark Benchmark

    Future mark just launched an iOS app! It's free. I was wondering if anyone could beat 9406 in the ice storm benchmark? That beats the Galaxy S4 results. Not too shabby.
  27. Rperez414

    How much more would you pay for an iPad 4th generation?

    I've heard that some game apps like XCOM and Deus Ex will only play well on the iPad 4 and iPhone 5. I wouldn't go with the iPad 3. In fact, I suspect part of the reason the iPad 4 was rushed to market was because the 3rd gen was a bit under powered.
  28. Rperez414

    Am I the only one who thinks siri sucks?

    I'm a former Siri-hater and I'd have to agree. Either it is getting better at understanding me or I'm just learning to use it and have more realistic expectations. Come on people, even your own spouse doesn't understand you at times. I refused to use it for about 3 months but I now have certain...
  29. Rperez414

    Am I the only one who thinks siri sucks?

    I used to think Siri sucks but I've gradually grown to appreciate its usefulness. I now really like it. It's more accurate than my typing now.
  30. Rperez414

    Battery Recharge Time - Ipad4

    Me too. I've only charged it at night and when I woke up it was at 100%.
  31. Rperez414

    iPad shipments have seriously dropped in January 2013

    I think the dropoff is simply due to Apple bleeding off inventory of the iPad 4 to make way for the ipad 5.
  32. Rperez414

    Cleaning ink off smart cover?

    I've had good luck with using dish soap since it is geared towards loosening up oily and baked-on stuff. About once a month I wash my light blue polyurethane cover in the sink like dishes. I put about an inch of water with enough soap to get alot of suds. Then I scrub the front and back with a...
  33. Rperez414

    Using legacy video-out adapters with new ipads?

    Yeah, I've tried getting video with the Lightning adapter cable and the Apple component video and it didn't work.
  34. Rperez414

    Dented iPad 4 Corner

    I was at looking at used ipads the other day and there are a ton of ipads with dented corners that are tested as working ok. Two things struck me. 1. The ipad seems to take a beating pretty good and continue working normal. 2. I'm amazed at how many people use their ipads naked. I...
  35. Rperez414

    Noticeable Heat Emitting From Newly Purchased Ipad 4

    My ipad 4 never feels warm to the touch but I use a slim smartcover- compatible case. If you already returned it, why are you asking us if "you're over-reacting"? Since you asked, yes, you're over reacting. And you sound like a real whiner too.
  36. Rperez414

    Txt Messages

    When people iMessage to your phone number it goes to your phone and when they send to your email it goes to your ipad. If you setup your phone to receive iMessages from your email (settings/messages) than you will get messages on both if people use your email.
  37. Rperez414

    Kind of annoyed with Apple...

    It seems hard to believe that Apple setup your security questions without your permission. I've never seen or heard of that happening but I'm a relative newcomer to Apple. I could totally believe you just forgot doing it.
  38. Rperez414

    Have iPad 2 -Need reasons to buy iPad 4

    I use my ipad to list items on eBay and the camera quality is VERY good. Plus reading on the retina screen is a lot nicer. If I didn't have an iPhone 5 I probably would have bought a refurb ipad 3 but I thought having two different types of power cords would drive me crazy.
  39. Rperez414

    Do you use your iPad for video calls?

    Yea! Im really liking Facetiming with my family when I do business travel. Plus, my kids get a kick out of Facetiming in the car with my ipad on car trips.
  40. Rperez414

    Would you guys bring this back?

    I have the 4 and my my wife has a 2 and her ipad 2 has worse light leakage than my new 4. You just got lucky with your first one.