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    Uhh... Is this a problem? (PICS)

    Yeah, I did try that, but it had no give whatsoever. Factor that in with the buttons being right there, and it made me quite hesitant to force anything.
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    Uhh... Is this a problem? (PICS)

    ***UPDATE*** Took it into the Apple Store after seeing the poll numbers, and the Genius behind the counter said "Oh yeah, it definitely shouldn't be like that" and he swapped it out for a brand new unit. Guess that closes the book on this saga. Thanks for your help everyone!!! :D
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    Uhh... Is this a problem? (PICS)

    Hey everyone, I just noticed that the metal chassis of my iPad has become somewhat detached from the rubber gasket. It's very small though, and I don't know if it's been there the whole time or even if it's normal or not. I've included a pic below. Is this a problem? Thanks guys! :)
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    Printing from Pages, Numbers, or Keynote

    Email yourself the file, print from your Mac/PC. Yeah, it's really clunky, but printing directly from iPad is "coming", say's Steve.
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    DVD to iPad Converter - what do you use?

    Handbrake is the best. I love it. And it's free!
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    hide mail icon?

    Sorry, there is no way to currently do that. Perhaps when OS 4 comes around you could hide it away in a folder?